Thousands of years ago, man worshipped cats and these furry creatures seem to remember that fact to this day. How else could they command you to watch cat videos all day long on the Internet? Watching cat videos, in fact, is the number one time-wasting activity on the Internet. Sorry, dog lovers. If you haven’t seen one yet (and gone aww), you haven’t really experienced the Internet. They are a legitimate form of therapy as well, as the Brussels police found to its chagrin – even as they ordered a lock down of the city following the Paris attack, people began posting cat pictures on all social media platforms! We want you to see the best of the best, so here are some famous Internet cats you absolutely must know about. Beware though, they might quickly become your go-to solution to fix the workday blues! This article took far longer to write than we thought it would – no points for guessing why we were continuously distracted.  


Maru is a male Scottish Fold cat who is perhaps the most viewed cat on the Internet. His videos on YouTube have over 300 million views. Whether he's  beseeching you with his cute little frame or trying to fit into boxes, Maru knows what will grab your attention.  

Grumpy Cat

The power of Reddit really came to the fore when the owner of Tardar Sauce in Arizona posted a picture on the forum some years ago. Within a few weeks, Tardar Sauce had been renamed Grumpy Cat and she soon became an Internet sensation. From trademarking her name to public appearances, and even travelling in a limo, Grumpy’s done more in her life than most people do.  

Lil Bub

Due to the fact that her teeth never grew so that her tongue sticks out all the time and her tiny frame, Lil Bub has maintained her childish looks and gets us cooing every time we see her!  

Colonel Meow

Himalayan–Persian crossbreed cat, Colonel Meow, may have passed away but his legacy lives on. As the description for one of his videos says, “His name is whispered throughout the Internet in tiny fonts. His minions are greater in number than most nations. He is Colonel Meow.” His face had such power that his owners were called Slave Beasts  - and he loved drinking Scotch! No, really!  

Oskar and Klaus

Oskar suffers from a condition that has left him blind. But one look at him is enough to melt your heart. He is quite an active cat and can sometimes be mistaken for not being blind at all. Needless to say, videos and pictures of him are extremely popular on the Internet. Klaus is another stray cat adopted by the same people. The duo now have a book to themselves called Oskar and Klaus Present: The Search for Bigfoot.  

Daisy, The World Traveller Cat

Here's her Instagram page. While you sit and make plans for travelling the world, Daisy is waving her paws in some exotic corner of the world. Her travel plans have earned her coverage from major travel publications and Buzzfeed among others. One look at her Instagram feed is enough to inspire enough wanderlust to last you a lifetime!  

Old Long Johnson

Most cats meow. But Old Long Johnson, who became a celebrity after featuring in America’s Funniest Home Videos and later, South Park, is a different breed. Old Long Johnson makes what sounds like surprisingly human noises. Because of the bizarre sounds, a persistent rumour that the cat could see the dead began doing the rounds and contributed to his fame.


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