Christmas is all about the joy of giving. True happiness can’t be bought but a gift never ceases to bring some smiles. This year, don’t hold back, buy your family Christmas gifts they will cherish through the next year too. Here’s what we think will make a great gift for each member of your family.

Kindle for dad

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Wi-Fi 6 eBook Reader


Ask dad to put down those paperbacks that hurt his eyes. Upgrade his books to the kindle version. Reading a kindle doesn’t put too much strain on the eyes. It has a glare-free screen to read when it’s too bright and a built-in light to read in low light. He’s going to love his new gadget that can host all his books together.

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Smartphone for mum

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Dual Sim


Your mum is probably the only person who’ll never demand a new phone and that’s why you should go ahead and buy it for her. With a few quick lessons, you can teach her how to use it. She can then rely on her new smartphone for learning new recipes on YouTube, watching movies on Netflix, or Indian sitcoms on the various video streaming apps. Take our word, she’ll be hooked to her new gadget before the new year begins.

Water purifier bottle for your travel junkie sibling

Tata Swach Insta Sip 650ml Water Purifier Bottle


Travelling, trekking and hiking has become more popular now than ever. If you constantly worry about your traveling sibling’s health and if they have access to basic essentials, then this gift should solve your worries and their water problems. A water purifier bottle can purify ordinary tap water and make it drinkable. Here’s what you should know about it.

Air purifier for your family’s health

Philips AC407211 Air Purifier


The air we breathe has become the reason for most of our health problems. Since the Delhi smog situation, more and more people have begun to appreciate good and pure air. While you can’t control air quality outside, you sure can do it inside your homes. Having an air purifier in your home will ensure everyone breathes clean air.

Air fryer for your health-conscious aunt

philips air fryer


No one would appreciate an air fryer as a person who’s been on constant diet and hasn’t eaten a snack in a long time. With this kitchen appliance, you can prepare fries, pakoras, nuggets and a bunch of other snacks minus that gallon of oil you’d use when frying them normally.

Kettle for your little sibling away at a hostel

Usha 3210 0.8 Litre Electric Kettle


Your little sibling is away in a hostel and chances are there isn’t much space in the dorm room to fit all the gifts. If you want to make sure your present makes it back with them, you cannot go wrong with this super useful kettle. Apart from the teas and coffees they’ll make to keep them up on exam nights, they can use it to make a bunch of food when the canteen shuts and those hunger pangs arise.

Fitness tracker for that uncle who could really use some exercise

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker


The fitness tracker went from being a swanky wearable to a reliable. It has managed to turn people into health and fitness-conscious freaks. Everybody needs a little workout in their schedule, and if there’s something that will be able to motivate anyone to turn over a new leaf, then this fitness tracker has to be it.



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