Nothing spells romance quite as much as Valentine’s Day. This is the day to treat your other half and thank god for having him/her in your life. If you’ve been wanting to make your spouse’s V-Day truly memorable, gift the both of you an experience you’ll never forget. While every city in the world can become romantic if you do them right, there are certain places that spell romance like no other. Whisk her (or him) away for a surprise celebration at one of these cities, which are the most romantic in the world.  


If there’s list being made of the most romantic cities on earth, Paris has to be the foremost name on it. The French capital has that je ne sais quoi that makes it the perfect setting for intimacy. There are so many experiences to be had here – strolling hand-in-hand along the River Seine; crossing the 16th-century Point Neuf at sunset; catching a Moulin Rouge show together; climbing all the way to the top of the Eiffel Tower; having a picnic lunch at the Jardin du Luxembourg; ambling around Place des Vosges in Le Marais; hiking up to the Sacre Coeur together; and, of course, attach a lock at the legendary Pont des Arts bridge before you seal the deal with a kiss. For dinner, visit any one of the charming bistros along the Seine, where the soft music and lilting sound of the water will enhance your meal.  


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If Paris is the capital of love, Venice comes a close second. Glide down the city canals in your very own gondola to the serenading songs of the gondolier; a stroll along the Piazza San Marco and sailing to the islands of Murano and Burano. After all, Casanova himself was supposed to have hailed from this city. Watch small orchestras play an evening waltz, as you enjoy your dinner on St Marks’ Square, and watch the world go by. If you want to splurge, book yourself in to one of the hotels overlooking the canal, which offer spectacular views and services. It’s not for nothing that Travel + Living readers have voted Venice as the “most romantic destination on the earth”.  


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Cobblestone streets; a dreamy, old-world fairy tale charm; an immaculately preserved old town; gorgeous monuments; a buzzing nightlife – what more can you ask for to get the romance flowing? Over the last few years, Prague has quickly become one of Europe’s most-visited cities. While summer is filled with tourists, we’d recommend you visit during Christmastime in winter – not only is it less crowded but the Christmas spirit makes the town even more lively and romantic than before. Prague’s patron artist, Mucha, is well known for his romantic renditions of the female form crowned with a halo and framed with Art Nouveau trimmings. You can visit the Mucha Museum for a glimpse into his life and work. Walk along the Charles Bridge at night to take in the sights around and be transported into a different era. Cap off your evening out with one of the many puppet shows the city is known for (no, they’re not just for kids). Mashable recommends Divadlo Minor, a puppet theatre that invites acclaimed guest artists from the opera and film.  


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If your other half is the active, adventurous sort, this Australian city is just the place to celebrate your love. The vibrant city is known for its gorgeous beaches, lively restaurants and bars, world-renowned wineries, the evergreen Sydney Opera House, the romantic Sydney Harbour Bridge, the quick and easy weekend getaways from here, and the welcoming people. Frommer’s has a list of romantic things you can do here: from swimming at Camp Cove Beach, riding the ferry to Taronga Zoo, and walking from Bondi beach to Bronte beach to enjoying a seaplane flight along the northern beaches, sharing a pie floater at Harry’s Café de Wheels at 2am, and finding anywhere with a nice harbour view.  


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Of course, the best time to visit Kyoto is during the spring, when it’s cherry blossom season and the light pink flowers dress up the city beautifully. This is the perfect time to propose to your sweetheart, under the flowering trees with some sake. Kyoto is also known for its numerous historic shrines, castles and temples, as well as quaint tea houses and elaborate gardens. Also a good time to visit is during the autumn, when the red, brown and yellow leaves provide a gorgeous carpet to the city streets. For a quintessential romantic experience, stay in a traditional ryokan (inn), where you get to sleep on the floor on tatami mats; bathe in a typically Japanese bath house; and travel to the nearby town of Nara, where you’ll be able to feed deer by hand.  


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This majestic Rajasthani city is also India’s most romantic. Take the love of your life to one of the breathtakingly beautiful palace hotels such as the Taj Lake Palace or the Leela Palace Udaipur and recline in the lap of luxury. Both hotels are set on the picturesque Lake Pichola and offer unparalleled luxury experiences. Dine on terraces overlooking the lake, go for a romantic boat ride, have a private dinner in the outdoors, sip tea while lounging on sofas and watch the world go by as you imagine yourself in your own fairy tale palace. And if you’re ready for a proposal, the hotel staff will be more than happy to suggest to you some marvellous locations.  


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The sobriquet of the UK’s most romantic city goes to Bath, known for its Roman baths, lush countryside, spa treatments, and hot air balloon marriage proposals. It is also the birthplace of Jane Austen, author of romantic books Pride and Prejudice, and Sense and Sensibility, so if your other half is a literature geek, he/she will love this town. Pamper the both of you with one of the many spa therapies at the Roman baths, which are known for their healing properties. You can take a picturesque carriage ride along the city streets with a glass of wine in hand or a boat ride along the River Avon to admire the idyllic life around. If a proposal is on your mind, there are plenty of picturesque locations here.  


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Nicknamed the honeymoon capital of China, with a setting by the beautiful West Lake, Hangzhou is the setting of a legendary tale of love and pathos, called The Legend of the White Snake. Marco Polo described it saying, “In heaven, there is paradise: on Earth, there is Hangzhou.” Blogger couple Dave and Deb of have explained this legend beautifully here. Today, the town is known for its beautiful pagodas, parks and walkways, along with the surrounding mountains and islands.


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