When you have a gazillion functions, wedding and festivities to attend, it can be a rather daunting task to keep re-inventing your look, especially when it comes to make-up. I mean, there's only so many times you can do the winged eyeliner or smokey eye, right? A lot of us love gold and glitter on our outfit, but all that glitter on your face? Look around you, there inspiration in everything from those shiny Diwali lights to all the glistening decoration pieces lined up in stores. With so much colour and shimmer everywhere, there's no chance you'll not get tempted to try these trends this Diwali.

The Metallic Smokey Eye

gold 1 This is one of the most sought after eye make-up trend this season. Just take a liquid metallic eye shadow and work around your eye area. Skip the kajal/ eyeliner routine and just top it with lucious coats of mascara to finish the look. Keep the rest of the face clean and minimal to keep it classy.

The Bold Liner

gold 2 Take your favourite coloured pigment and use it as a liner! Just mark the area you want to line; it could be anything from your under eye, eyelid, crease or even the arch below your eyebrow. You can use masking tape to get the exact definition and just dust off the excess using a round brush. Try contrasting the colour to your outfit instead of matching it.

The Sequined Eye

gold 3 Take small-sized metallic discs and using eyelash glue, you can stick them on your eyelid choosing the density and area you want to cover ranging from simplistic to dramatic. Using a thin felt eyeliner, draw out an extended delicate wing under your eye to emphasize this look. Some pink blush on your cheeks will help seal the deal.

The Golden flush

gold 4 Take a liquid metallic bronzer and dab it judiciously on your cheekbones, temples and sides of your forehead forming a C shape. Finish it up with a highlighter on top of your cheek as well as above your eyebrows as these areas catch light and give you a soft golden glow.

The Metallic Brow

gold 5 Not for the faint-hearted, this is a unique way to add gold and glitter to your face if non-conformity is your thing. Take metallic pot face paint and using an angled brush, fill in your eyebrows with it. Don't forget to shape them before you fill them out for proper definition. Keep your lips neutral so you don't end up looking too dramatic and you're good to go! Images courtesy: Pinterest