Say hello to summer days and your brand new season-appropriate wardrobe! Now that the mercury level has climbed to well above 35°C, it’s time to talk about cool summer fabrics. From airy cottons and linens to light & flowy rayons, all you need to know about the most breathable and comfortable fabrics to wear in summer is right here!


Made from natural fibres, cotton as a fabric is very well suited to the Indian summer, because of its breathability –  cotton has a fairly loose weave, which allows air to circulate easily. It makes the heat more bearable. Like this article? Also read: 5 Watches For The Girl Who Likes Bling


Made from the flax plants, linen too is a natural fibre; and this coupled with its light weave makes it a very breathable fabric.


Rayon is a man-made fabric that has a similar feel to that of silk due its glossy texture. It's light, comfortable and a summer favourite. It's lighter than cotton and perfect for flowy dresses and flared pants.

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Blended Fabric

Blended fabric usually consists of cotton, polyester, nylon and rayon. Blended fabrics are known to detract moisture and is perfect for when it's humid. Most blended fabrics last a long time and are easy to maintain too.


This textile fabric will keep you looking stylish and comfortable throughout a hot day. It is extremely lightweight, durable and will keep you cool in dry heat as well as humidity. Like this article? Also read: Ethnic Outfits For An Indian Summer Wedding