We’re full of wanderlust, we enjoy our weekend parties and are overly dependent on our Netflix account but between all this, there’s hardly any hope for some savings or to even to survive months’ end. At this rate, we’ll always be the urban poor generation who’s always on trend but perpetually broke. In my experience, being broke is directly related to not tracking how much you spend. Remembering your last bank account balance is difficult and who has the patience to check the balance before you swipe your card. So, we wait there for the cashier to swipe our debit cards and secretly pray for it to go through. Or we can take better control of our money. Having a balance sheet of all your income and expenditure makes you aware of your finances. And no, you don’t need to maintain a log book for it, all you need is one of these apps to keep track of all your money so that you can account for every penny you spend. If you are an urban poor millennial, give these expense tracking apps a try.


money view I personally use this app to track my finances. Once you install this app, it automatically scans your SMSes and analyses your balance in each bank account. It then gives you helpful insights about your total balance, along with exact information about how much money each bank account has. Every time you get a new SMS about a transaction, the app updates the figures accordingly. If you think it hasn’t updated, the app has an option to send an SMS or Missed call to the registered bank number to get updates on your balance. It keeps a log of all your transactions so you can figure how much you spent at what place. It allows you to set a monthly budget where it will notify you when you’re crossing it. It also scans to messages about bill payments and sends you reminders about the same. It also shows you a log of where you’ve spent the most amount of money. I’ve used this app for over 8 months, and it's pretty secure. Download


walnut Walnut is another good money manager app to track your spending. It also analyses your SMSes to detect information about ATM withdrawals, cards swiped, bills, tickets, etc. It then gives you a total balance of your bank accounts. It also categorises your expenses into food, travel, shopping etc. so you can track your spending patterns. It alerts you when you have a mobile or credit card bill due. You can use it to transfer money to your friends easily without an IFSC code. This is not a wallet, it sends money directly from your bank accounts so no more being stuck with money in wallets. You can further add your cash transactions to it too with tags and notes about your expenditure. This way you will take better control of your money. Download

Gullak - Expense Manager & Money Saver

Gullak Gullak is another popular personal finance and expense manager app that helps you track your spending. It uses the same SMS based intelligent expense tracker to auto track ATM withdrawals, Debit/Credit expenditures and bills due. It then gives you a systematic log of all your transactions. This app offers smart insights about your income and expense with graphs and charts. It lets you set a monthly budget, tracks everything in real time and sends you reminders about bills. Download All these apps seem similar to each other, so you can try installing them and finding what UI you’re most comfortable with and then get started on your money saving mission by taking control of how much you spend. Like this, also read: 4 Annoyingly Effective Alarm Clock Apps That Will Get You on Time to Work Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com; Images via Google Play Store