Did you know that your back is made up of 140 overlapping muscles? And most of it remains under-utilized due to our sedentary lifestyle, where we end up sitting in front of our computers for hours together. With wrong posture and prolonged sitting, stress and tension creeps in and slowly we start experiencing stiffness and pain in our back muscles. Our back is involved in almost all the complex activities we do on a regular basis. Apart from that, it also supports all the other movements which involves our arms, legs and hips. Which is why, it is extremely important to strengthen our back and keep it flexible. Below we put together few of our most-recommended videos from fitness experts, which help in making your back stronger, relieving and preventing pain, reducing stiffness and improving your movements. Hope it benefits you.

Adidas Runtatstic

Runtastic has always been on top of the fitness game with its workouts that encourage people to push forward and work harder. We especially love this 7-minute core and lower back strengthening exercise by Runtastic that improves posture and reduces pain. You can do it anytime, anywhere without any equipements. Carry these exercises 2to 3 times every week to improve your core and back strength.

Psyche Truth

With over 3.4 million subscribers on Youtube, PsycheTruth has been putting together informational videos about workouts, massages, nutrition and psychology with the experts in the field. If you prefer yoga asanas that let you ease into postures, then this video will prove to be helpful. Yoga Expert Yiana shares impactful poses that would bring balance to your body, with a focus on spinal health. Try these postures to reduce pain and maintain a healthy back.

Days To Fitness

From fitness to motivational stories, nutritional diets and life hacks, Days to Fitness is a new and upcoming YouTube channel that encourages you to choose a healthy lifestyle. This video from Day to Fitness is especially useful to working professionals who experience severe upper back pain due to long desk hours. Try out these basic yet effective stretches 3 times a week to release stress and pain.

Fitness Blender

Daniel and Kelli run Fitness Blender on Youtube and have over 6 million subscribers whom they connect with the workout videos that help people to stay fit and motivated. If you workout often then this video will help you take your back strengthening exercises a level further with the ‘Pilates Swimmers’ exercises. These moves will help you tone your lower back, build stronger muscles and prevent any pain or aches.

Holly Dolke

Fitness expert Holly Dolke’s workout videos are perfect for those with a busy schedule. Her quick and efficient exercises are really helpful if you want to burn calories and get in shape. In this video, she shares her 5-minute workout session for a toning your upper, middle and lower back. You can fit this in to your daily exercises or just spare a few minutes in between work to catch up on flexing your back muscles and making them stronger.