During this time of being indoors, the one common skill that people have happily taken up is baking. From cakes and cookies to brownies and fudges, there is a certain joy that baking sparks and we are ready to elevate that higher for you. With the right baking essentials, get ready to take your game to the next level. When you have everything that you need to make your baking time easy and smooth, you can experiment and bring out the best innovations to your recipes. To get you started, here are the essentials you need to own for a hassle-free baking experience.

Cake pans, muffin tins and cookie sheets

These are obvious essentials to start baking. Invest in good quality bakeware so that you can remove your cakes and cupcakes easily without much struggle. To start with, get yourself a round, square and loaf cake pan, a cookie sheet and a muffin tin to make a wide variety of desserts.

Measuring cups and spoons

The quantity of ingredients that you use can literally make or break your dessert. Measuring cups and spoons will help you measure everything correctly and get the taste just right. If you are beginning with baking you should definitely own these.

Spatula and whisk

Mixing ingredients gets really easy when you have the right spatula and whisk. A spatula really comes handy when you have to stir together your batter evenly. It gives it a smooth consistency and adds to the texture. A whisk helps not just in beating eggs but is also useful while mixing dry ingredients together perfectly.

Parchment paper

This one is basic but super important to have in your kitchen. Placing a parchment paper on your cookie sheet or in your cake tin makes baking much easier. Your dough/batter doesn’t stick to the pan, it avoids any mess and cleaning the tin definitely becomes a lot easier.

Cookie cutters

If you are going to make cookies, then a few set of cookie cutters in your favourite shapes is an absolute must have. Beyond that, you can even get creative and cut dough shapes for your pies and tarts to give it a fancy touch.

Stand mixers or hand mixers

An electric mixer is by far the best way of mixing batter. Invest in a premium stand mixer or a hand mixer, both of which make mixing all your ingredients really convenient and much faster without tiring your hands.

Pastry brush

The use of a pastry brush is quite underrated until you start using one. Use a pastry brush to line your cake tin with butter or grease your dough with oil evenly. It also lets you paint your pie with milk or give your cake a sugar syrup topping easily.

Piping sets

If baking like a pro is on your mind, then do get your hands on a good piping set. This helps you decorate your cakes and cupcakes with the cream topping of your choice. With a piping bag and a few varieties of nozzles, you can go all creative in making your cake look super delicious and beautiful.

Wire racks

This baking essential is much more important than you thought. Have you ever wondered why the bottom of your cake tends to break or be soggy after being cooled down? That’s usually because of lack of air passage to the bottom side while cooling it down. Once your cake or cookies are made, placing them on to a wire rack helps in cooling it down evenly, avoiding any soggy parts.

Mixing bowls

Most of the recipes will require you to mix and blend ingredients. Invest in good quality mixing bowls that are heat resistant and oven friendly. This will be extremely useful when you have to melt butter, chocolate etc.

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