Sometimes, it's just really hard being a woman in India. But that doesn't mean the fight for equal rights ends there. Ordinary women do extraordinary things on an everyday basis and, in the process, learn a thing or two about the cities they live in. Every day is a battle and every woman has power beyond what we can imagine. We tried to reimagine women as everyday superheroes, so #QueMag spoke to women from across the country to try and figure out what they think their superpower is.

01 Mumbai indian girl superpowers image

The Mumbai girl is definitely blessed with Super Strength . Isn't that how she gets in and out of those crowded local trains every day?

- Karishma Patel

02 Delhi indian girl superpowers

If I could have any super power, I'd go with the freeze glare. Take that, lechers of Delhi!

- Parul Singh

03 Hyderabad indian girl superpowers

The Hyderabadi girl knows her way out of a colourful road rage situation. She has no qualms in using ephithets like 'baap ka bageecha samajhke rakha hai kya' or ask him not to do 'houle panaa' like suddenly cutting across the road. And if things get nasty, she knows how to zoom out of the situation.

- Vasundhara

04 Chennai indian girl superpowers

The Chennai girl has the gift of gab to help her bargain with rude autowallahs several times in a day.

- Supraja Oja

05 Bengaluru indian girl superpowers

The Bengaluru girl's superpower has got to be her invincibility. She can take on the near-toxic levels of pollution in the city.

- Sneha Ramachandran

So, what's your superpower? Leave us a comment and let us know.


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