The demi-cup, the bandeau, the triangle cup, padded bra, the push-up – there are so many bras to try and buy, yet most women still tend to wear the wrong-sized bra. Paying attention to the band size and cup size can help make the right selection, but finding one that fits perfectly can be an exercise in frustration.

That’s where Etam Paris has stepped in, and created a bra guide that includes a specific cup number for every kind of cup size. These bras guarantee a perfect neckline and a seamless fit every single time. So, here's your solution to finding the perfect bra right now:

No.1 - The Magical

Made for those with a smaller cup size, the No 1 size bra helps boost your neckline with thanks to its shape and helps you gain a cup-size in a flash.

Wear it under: A scoop-neck top or dress.

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No.2 - The Plunging Magical

Don't have the perfect bra for your plunging neckline top? Well, now you do. The No.2 plunging magical bra is perfect. It's offers the perfect push-up effect too.

Wear it under: A low-neck top or dress.

No.3 - The Irresistible Triangle

Also known as the push up triangle, the No.3 V-neck bra help increase the volume of your cleavage while subtly increasing the cup size too.

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No.4 - The Lightweight

Featuring light padding, the No.4 lightweight bra offers a naturally rounded shape and a natural effect for maximum comfort. Wear it under: A flowy top or blouse.

No.5 - The Natural

For a naturally highlighted and perfectly shaped neckline, the No.5 bra is perfect for you. It adds shapes without adding any volume.

Wear it under: A fitted T-shirt.

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