We’re living in times when technology puts our lives on the line for the smallest of needs. Be it ordering your favourite pizza or finding the right exercise to burn the calories that pizza helped you pile on, we’re increasingly driven by apps in our smartphones. On that note, let us show you which ones you need to ace life’s games.
Distiller Which guy doesn’t like going drinking with his boys? But such evenings come with a price that can often burn a gaping hole in your pocket. And heaven forbid if the drink you just ordered doesn’t match up to your standards, your heart is sure to sink right through that abyss in your pocket. To save you and your cents from a bad drink, make sure you hit download on the Distiller app. It not only has reviews from alcohol industry experts, but also has first-hand reviews from spirits fans, complete with ratings and tasting notes. You can keep track of the alcohol you’ve tasted and the ones you wish to taste in future, along with discussing spirits with other Distiller users, and get recommendations on what to try next. Available on Android and iOS for free. Also Read: App Like a Mumbaikar: 7 Apps to Make Life Easy in the City
Duolingo If you ask me, nothing can bring two people closer than the language they speak. And for a man who wishes to sweep a lady off her feet, knowledge on different languages can serve as a great conversation starter. If you wish to master languages, make sure you download the Duolingo app that helps you set goals based on your seriousness for learning a new language, and starts at the most basic level. It is available for download on iOS, Android and Windows 8 and 10 platforms for free.
Sworkit Let’s confess, at some point, we’ve all eaten like we were born famished. But, what is important is to put such days behind you and turn over a new leaf. Start with a workout regime. And Sworkit helps you achieve these goals and look your best when you take that shirt off! All you need to do is enter your goals, the kind of workout you need, the body part you wish to work on, and the duration of your workout, and you’re good to go! It has an animation for every exercise. This app is what you need to punch procrastination in its face! Available on Android and iOS, it comes as a free as well as a paid version. Also Read: How to Tech Up Your Workout Routine with the Best Fitness Gadgets
How to Tie a Tie
how to tie a tie Nothing more than a rightly tied necktie helps make a man look more dapper than usual. How to Tie a Tie is a handy augmented reality app that can help you tie more than 30 popular necktie knots. It uses a language you are comfortable with. While it shows you animated instructions to help you tie your tie, the app’s virtual mirror also lets you watch your actions while you’re at it. The app also lets you build and save your list of favorite tie knots. Oscar Wilde once said, ‘a well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.’ We’d say tie it your best, but don’t let it get too serious or tight! It is available on available on Android and iOS for free.
Drunk Mode
Drunk Mode Haven’t you been through weekends when you’ve had one too many? Now, there’s no judging here, but when you’re at it like a fish, the risk of making that drunk call to your ex is considerably high, isn’t it? If you’re one of those who are perpetually in the midst of such a danger, make sure you have Drunk Mode in your phone. Right from letting you block certain contacts in your phone for 12 hours, letting your sober friends find you on GPS, booking a safe ride home to letting you know where you went last night after that crazy party, this app is your friend, protector and guide rolled into one. It is available on available on Android and iOS for free. Also Read: Streaming and Downloading Music Legally in Illegal Times
Beard Booth Photo Editor
Beard Booth Photo Editor Have you always wanted to grow a beard, but have held back because you’re unsure of how you may look? Well, the Beard Booth Photo Editor lets you try out different beard styles and even share the image with your friends for a second opinion. Free for a limited period, it is available on Android and iOS. Images via Google Play Store, Apple Store