Being an entrepreneur requires planning, perseverance and above anything else, passion. Yet, there are a few who make it look like a breeze. Redefining the fitness industry in India, Vishal Gondal of GOQii is one such founder. GOQii, as a startup, offers an entire fitness ecosystem that caters to every aspect of your health. With investors like Mr Ratan Tata, the transformation that it has brought about is always evident. Positive at every juncture, Vishal exhibits a passion for fitness that has made GOQii a startup that keeps offering something new and helpful to its customers. We spoke to Vishal to understand how he gets this done.

Learning from failure

“There is truth in the adage 'Failure is the stepping stone to success',” says the serial entrepreneur, “ there is no growth if you don’t fail, hence one has to learn to fail, accept defeat, pick up the pieces and move on.” He’s all for taking risks too. “If you don’t take the risk, you will not move forward, the path to success always has hurdles along the way, but if you have not invested in risks then you have not given yourself the platform to test your actual potential.”

The GOQii Ecosystem

This attitude reflects in his startup. What started off as a barebones fitness ecosystem which simply offered fitness stats on a fitness band coupled with one-on-one coaching, today GOQii offers an entire fitness ecosystem of its own. Their latest offerings include devices like a smartwatch, a smart treadmill to a smart scale, as well as services like insurance, doctor consultations and more. The platform already includes a fitness store, gamified discounts, wellness coaching and has a lot more in store. It also doubles up as a content source with live video sessions from fitness experts.

Risks and faith

The journey from a barely known name in the world of fitness to challenging the best in the world has had its own share of ups and downs. However, what has kept Vishal going as an entrepreneur is his faith in his goal to make India fit. “My tip to all budding entrepreneurs is to take risks with conviction.” says the 43-year-old Vishal, who also doesn’t shy away from sharing his own fitness milestones online. If you check out his social feeds, you’ll often find a snapshot of him achieving his latest handstand, completing a hike with his colleagues and more. Along with the passion for health, one of the most important ideologies for him has been the value he places in people.

GOQii Vital wearable

“Putting people at the centre of everything is another strong ideology I have followed,” says Vishal, “My idea of GOQii as a company was not to build a billion-dollar company but about impacting a billion people, and the only way to achieve this was by keeping people at the centre of how we operate, with equal opportunity to all.”

The future

All these factors have contributed to GOQii and Vishal’s success. After Flipkart and PayTM, GOQii is the third Indian startup to feature as a case study on the Harvard Business Publishing Platform. With exciting partnerships, all new categories of devices and offline availability on their way, 2020 seems like a promising year for the fitness startup and its founder. Wherever he decides to take the company, if the past is anything to go by, Vishal will definitely make the journey interesting.