Mumbai has been battered by the rains this season, with many parts of the city succumbing to floods. This means being stuck indoors until the water levels go down, and if you aren’t prepared for this, it’s a lot less fun than it sounds. Consider putting together an emergency kit as fast as you possibly can to handle the rains. Use our handy guide to figure out what needs to go into your emergency kit. We really hope you don’t need to use it.

The Essentials

Water: Four litres of water per person, which will last at least three days. Food: Keep a minimum of three days’ worth of non-perishable food. Flashlight and extra batteries: Just in case the electricity supply is shut down. First aid kit: Effective for any minor issues, but if the problem requires urgent medical attention find your nearest clinic or hospital. Personal sanitation: Moist towelettes, toilet paper, garbage bags and plastic ties. Can opener: Perfect for the non-perishable food you packed. Mobile phone: More importantly, set aside a spare charger as well as a portable power bank. You want to stay connected to the outside world for as long as possible.

Additional Items

Infant formula and diapers: You don’t want to leave the kids out of your plans. Pet food and extra water: Plan ahead for those family members who can’t plan for themselves. Feminine hygiene products: You don’t want to be stuck without these when you need them. Important family documents: Copies of insurance policies, identification and bank account records in a waterproof, portable container. Cash: With demonetisation only months behind us, we’re well prepared for non-functional ATMs. Safety matches: Remember to keep them in a waterproof container. Books and games: If your children are very young, they might be confused by the situation. Keep enough things on hand to distract them with. Like this article? Also see: The Definitive 'Stay Safe This Monsoon' Checklist Cover Image Courtesy: