As kids, all we wanted to fill ourselves with was chocolate; and we did, didn’t we? In fact, most of the times I’d fear if I bruised myself, I’d see chocolate oozing out instead of blood! Honestly, in my scheme of things, if wishes were horses, broccoli would most certainly taste like chocolate. No, I did sit through my English class with diligence, but you’d agree with my modified idiom should you hate greens as much as I do. Most people's equation with foods they don’t like is like having a boss you scorn. But you just pulled on that dreaded home loan and all you can do is ‘yes boss him’ in this sticky-like-gum situation. The only difference here is that technology is working on something that lets you hate veggies and still finish the last bit thinking it is chocolate. And unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about your boss. Please continue kowtowing. Also Read: Study: You’ll Be Hungry No Matter What You Eat If the news is anything to go by, we repeat, ANYTHING to go by (since you can hardly even trust news these days), scientists at the University of London, led by Prof Adrian Cheok, are devising an electronic spoon that can make your food taste like chocolate. Taste Buddy, as it is rightly called, is designed to stimulate taste buds through low-intensity electric currents that trick you into tasting flavours that aren't actually present in the food. And if you ask me, the last time an innovation excited me this much was when they found a way to slice loafs of bread. Now, this could actually mean that my diet, that has been failing for ages, will actually pump a fist in the air, for I can finally have my cake and eat it too, literally! They are still in the process of making a prototype this spoon, and if things work out well, they will soon have a range of microchip-like Bluetooth devices that will allow us dining table truants to choose the levels of taste we'd like. Until then, please continue swallowing chunks of broccoli. Oh, and don’t forget to light a candle at the altar and pray for the success of this innovation. Amen. Illustration by Aditi Sharma