We all know how to outsmart the alarm clock on our phone. The snooze button is too easy an option to stop that brain-churning sound. If you really want an alarm clock to wake the heck out of you, you need something to outplay your 6 am wit. Here are 5 such wacky alarm clock apps, so that you make it on time to work every morning.

Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) - alarm

alarmy Featured as the World’s Most Annoying alarm clock app by Cnet, Huffington post and Gizmodo, you can count on this app to wake Cinderella up too. It has quite a few interesting features including “Photo Mode”. This requires you to register a place where you want to turn off the alarm. So when it starts ringing, the only way to stop it is to go to that place and take a picture of it. Ideally, that place could be your bathroom so that you can get on with your morning activities. It also has a “Shake Mode” where you have to shake your phone and a “Math Problem Mode” where you have to solve the math problem to stop the alarm. After all these activities, you really won’t be able to sleep even if you want to. Download  

Sleep as android

sleep as android Looking for the snooze button to stop the alarm? It’s not so simple with this app. Sleep as Android makes you work harder for it. It has a puzzle mode that stands between you and the snooze button. You can turn off the alarm only if you solve the puzzle. With all that mental exertion, you might as well wake up. This app also tracks your sleeping pattern and gives you recommendations on how to improve your sleeping habits. Download  


alarmon Once you get used to the sound of your alarm clock, you can out-sleep it. That’s when you can use AlarmMon that gives you access to a variety of alarm styles. It has a quieter alarm to wake you gently for your Sunday Yoga class and a louder one for your Mondays. There are various others like game alarm, video alarm and voice alarm to wake you. It also features celebrity K-pop stars waking you up, if that kind of thing floats your boat. Even if you’re a deep sleeper, this alarm will wake you because it won’t stop until you wake up or your battery runs out. Download  

I Can’t Wake Up

I cant wake up This alarm is ideal for all those not the morning type of people. It complicates your way to the snooze button by making you take the Awake Test. These tasks include math, memory, repeat, rewrite and a bunch of other tests. You have to get the test right or the alarm will start again, so you have no option but to be up and alert. It also has other wakeup options like a ‘smooth wake up’ where the volume rises gradually till you wake up. It also has a ‘snooze music’ that plays when you snooze so that you don’t fall into deep sleep again. Download Also Read: Here’s Your Sleepolution For the New Year Images via Play Store