While working out is half of your fitness journey, eating healthy is the other half. All your efforts at the gym, on the tracks and your workouts, is for nought if you aren't mindful of what you eat regularly. However, it may not be easy for everyone to spend the required amount of time to formulate a healthy diet and come up with something healthy to eat every day. To help you overcome such a situation, we've come up with a bunch of easy ways you can use the readily available appliances in your home to cook up some healthy dishes. Here are some of the ways you can do that.

Bake Eggs To Your Taste With A Convection Microwave

Want the high-protein goodness of eggs without the hassle of cracking that stubborn shell? Crack your eggs into a muffin tray and bake until the yolks reach the desired texture.  

Whip Up A Peanut Butter Smoothie With A Mixer-Grinder

It's no secret that smoothies are filling and healthy. Throw some peanut butter into a regular banana smoothie to make it extra tasty and nutritious.  

Add Carrots To Your Juices You Make With A Juicer

Like your juices? Make them healthier by adding veggies when you make them. A popular and healthy candidate is carrot, which can be added to a host of detoxifying and nutritious juices.  

Make Apple Chips For Snacks With An Air Fryer

Sometimes, the cravings for snackable food is unsatiable by typically healthy fare like salads and smoothies. Fry up some apple chips in your air fryer for a tasty munchable snack.

Grill Your Greens As Finger Food With An OTG

If you're hosting guests or even having a movie night by yourself, finger food is an essential aspect of a relaxed hangout. Add a dash of healthy by grilling green vegetables, with seasoning to taste, and you've got finger food that keeps you fit too.  

Put Avocado & Egg-whites On Toasts

Toasts have been a breakfast staple for ages, and depending on the bread you pick, it can be healthy by itself. Adding healthy toppings as avocado and egg-whites can up the health quotient of any toast meal.  

Blend Zero-Cream Thick Soups With A Hand-Blender

Associated with good health and comfort food, soups are a dietary component found across the world. If you're making one at home as healthy food, use a hand blender to make it extra thick and satisfactory.  

Cook Brown Rice Risottos In A Rice Cooker

Rice is a common thread between Indian & Italian cuisine, and using brown rice in both makes your regular food healthier. Cook up nutritious risottos with your favourite ingredients in a rice cooker.  

Brew A Cup Of Matcha Tea In Your Electric Kettle

The love for tea is irreplaceable, and you could even improve your health with it. Use an electric kettle to brew rejuvenating and detoxing brews like matcha tea without breaking a sweat.  
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