You’ve just had a satisfying meal at a restaurant but now you think you might have a little room for dessert. Or you’re spending a free afternoon at home and you’re wondering whether a cupcake would pair wonderfully with the book you’re reading. But this next part is a pain: Do you eat it or not? Do you indulge or not? What about the calories? What about the weight gain? Traditionally, eating dessert is one sweet indulgence preceded and followed by a lot of introspection, frustration and heartbreak. But it’s possible to cut past all that pain and indulge, guilt-free.

Keep Your Portions Small

Savour every bite of your dessert and you will be satisfied with only a couple of bites, even if it is every day. Better yet, always order your dessert when you have company, so you can divvy up that slice of pastry.

Pick Out Your Portion Separately

You face a smaller chance of overeating if you serve yourself just a small piece of cake and eat it slowly. Digging directly into the cake or the ice-cream carton leads to binge-eating.

Keep Your Desserts as Healthy as Possible

You don’t have to say no to chocolates. But instead of ordering a rich chocolate dessert every time, also try an easy fix-it-yourself dessert at home. Just drizzle chocolate sauce on some sliced bananas, mangoes or apples, or get a flavoured yoghurt or perhaps even a fruit salad. Here’s an easy no-sugar, no-fat instant ice-cream fix: freeze sliced bananas for about half an hour and then pulse them in a food processor while they’re still frozen. Finally, swirl half a teaspoon of Nutella into the mixture and then scoop it into a bowl. You just whipped up some readymade ice-cream! It’s sweet, creamy and totally guilt-free.

Work It Off

All those extra calories aren’t going to get rid of themselves. If you want to stay in shape despite the desserts, you’re going to want to hit the gym as well. It doesn’t even have to be a dedicated workout session; even taking small steps towards a more active lifestyle – like taking the stairs at work, instead of the elevator – can go a very long way.

Keep Tabs on What You Eat

Every little indulgence counts and awareness of what you’re eating goes a long way towards staying healthy. You can’t grab a couple of cream biscuits or sweets from a bowl at work and think it doesn’t count. In the long run, maintaining calorie count is the only thing that helps in retaining your health and figure.

Maintain a Balance

Don’t give in to impulse dessert-eating. Plan to eat a dessert at the end of your meal only if you order a lighter calorie main course. Switch that unhealthy burger for a light sandwich or salad if you plan to stop for ice-cream on the way home.


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