Warmer days are approaching and just like you're upgrading your wardrobe, we think giving your home a refresh is the perfect way to embrace the season. Changing the look of a particular space has a lot to do with decor you invest in. From adding pops of colour to choosing fresh elements to liven up a corner in your living room, here's the perfect way to welcome the sunshine into your home.

Light & Bright Linen

There's something about whites and pastels that make them a summer favourites. Easy, breezy, crisp and light, they add just the right feel to your bedroom. Also, the bed quilt sets the tone for your bedroom. A light, pastel printed quilt is what you should pick. You're sure to have a fresh start every summer morning when you wake up in the midst of fresh linen.
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Colourful Rugs

For a bold statement, a colourful printed rug is a must-have. It's time to get put away those beautiful carpets and make way for rugs made from natural fibres. To add some more character to your space, choose a rug made from jute or handloom fabrics.
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Pops & Prints

Choose a white or neutral base colour for your linen, drapes and curtains. The next step is to add a pop of colour and fun prints like botanical, nautical and florals with the help of cushions, contemporary lighting and decor in wicker, clay or jute. They're just what you need for an eye-catching appeal.
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Artsy Crockery

Summer calls for several brunch parties that go on to become sundowners. To make the best of it, adding some beautiful ceramic crockery to your collection is a good idea. It's a unique way to serve up your meals with a hint of creativity.
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Bring The Outdoors In

Be it your favourite flowers, a money plant or a twig that you can use for a DIY project, natural elements like these are a sure way to instantly add a hint of summer to your home. A plant can really change the appearance of the room.
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