What better time than now to get your hands dirty? And we mean it literally. With the monsoon starting in full swing and lots of free time during the weekend, it’s the perfect time to finally set up your home garden. For those living in a city, having a backyard or lawn to have a garden set up is like a distant dream. But that should not stop you from adding a touch of nature to your home. If you have balcony space or any area near your window too that gets good sunlight, then you can go ahead an create your own patch of green for your home. Ahead, we share some fun and easy ideas for you to start off with while creating your home garden.

Layer your garden space

Layering is a beautiful way of creating a space with multiple plants that vary in size and textures, placed in a variety of planters of different shapes and materials. While layering, there is only one rule – make nothing look organized. A well layered balcony space will be a burst of colours and plants of all varieties. You can have florals, herbs and whatever else harmoniously creating a soothing space for you.

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Using a mesh board

Mesh boards have moved over from bedroom décor and are now one of the most loved options to create a simple home garden area. You can custom make your own mesh board or get one from a décor store and place it on your balcony wall. Place your collection of plants and complete the board to add an interesting visual interest in your garden space. This works especially good when you want to save space.

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Set up a plant shelf

Another great option when you want to put together a lot of plants but also organize them to save space in the balcony. Place a plant shelf in your balcony and line it up with the plants of your choice. Plant lovers use shelves to grow herbs at home since it much more convenient.

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Hanging plants around

Add in a set of hanging plants around your balcony and you instantly lift the look and feel of your green space. Plants like English Ivy, Ferns and Money plants are perfect to be hung around your balcony. They flow over the planter once they grow fully, which adds a lot of beauty to your garden.

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Decorate your balcony railing

A smart way of saving space and decorating your balcony garden is using railings to hang plants. This can in combination to your regular planters placed around. if you are low on space and still want some plants around, you can try placing them along the railing in rectangular planters or individual planters with hooks.

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Try container gardening

This type of gardening is like the statement piece that will hold your entire home garden area together. In container gardening, you usually use a large planter ad place a large plant at the centre and surround it with different types of smaller plants. This creates a lot of visual interest, especially if they hold plants of various colours of flowers.

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Create an aesthetic with planters

Once you decide on how you want to place your plants and what kind of plants you would like to grow, you can then think about the aesthetic you want to create in your home garden. Some like it wild and quirky with lots of colours, some others prefer it to be a calming and peaceful place. One of the easiest ways to create the vibe is choosing planters accordingly. From fun painted DIY planters to large concrete once in soothing hues, choose what suits your space the best.

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Image courtesy - Photo by Taylor Simpson on Unsplash