Ensuring the best air quality for yourself has always been important, and with rising air pollution, it has become a necessity. This has led to the popularisation of air purifiers that come with the latest filtration techniques to bring you safe air. However, very soon, you could be using headphones that also double up as your personal air purifiers. Don’t believe it? Neither did we until we found out about the patent filed by Dyson earlier this year for air-purifying headphone design. Here’s what that’s all about.

The design

Designed to work as a personal air purifier in cities, the headphones will have air filters built into its ear cups. The design incorporates what looks like two headbands. However, only one of them is intended to secure the headphone to the user’s head. The other is designed to rotate forward to be in front of the wearer’s mouth to provide them with clean air from the filters in the earcups.

According to the patent, the filter itself is based on Dyson’s bladeless fan design. The earcups pull in the polluted air through grilles on the outside, filter it, and push it out through the movable headband. It also states that these filters will rotate at 12000RPM with the ability to push 1.4 litres of fresh, purified air per second.

Is it practical?

With the speed at which the rotors will operate, it is difficult to imagine that there will be no noise. However, if there is a lot of ambient noise, that will affect the music listening experience adversely. Dyson might work with third parties to ensure adequate noise cancellation performance. They could even rely on their own expertise in innovation to come up with their own solution to the problem.

Folded state

This isn’t the first time a company is trying to build a portable air purifier. However, we haven’t seen a design see the light of day. If the company’s penchant for innovative designs is anything to go by, if anyone can do it, it’s Dyson.

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Image Courtesy: Dyson

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