Leave God of War and Avengers for another day, this Dussehra, get your gamers’ high with games that match the occasion. As the legend goes, today marks the day Lord Ram killed the wicked King Raavan thus triumphing good over evil. You too can partake in this great battle through these games based on the great epic Ramayana. From basic strategy games to advanced ones with new-age combat skills and weapons, these games are sure to keep you entertained.
Ramayan Wars: The Ocean Leap
The Ocean Leap Here’s a game that can be considered in the league of popular games like Lara Croft and Mortal Combat. Even though everyone already knows how the story proceeds, the narrative, action and graphics adhere to superior standards, making it quite an interesting play. This is no ordinary game, it’s something that'll be enjoyed by people with a taste for good strategy games. Download: for Android, for iOS Also Read: Festive Season Gamer Gifting Guide
Hanuman’s Quest
hanuman's quest As the name suggests, this game encounters the Ramayana through Hanuman’s journey. As the protagonist here, Hanuman has to make his way through the quests and battles to proceed to the next level. This game is brought to you by the producers of The Ocean Leap, so expect the same brilliance in this game too. Download: for Android, for iOS
Ramayana 3D: 7th Avatar
7th Avatar Fight the demons as the protagonist Ram to restore balance between good and evil in this world. This particular game has been popular as an archery action game. However, as you unlock levels you get a new weapon as you proceed. The goal is to collect all weapons to finally make your way to the war at Lanka. Download
Gamaya Legends
gamaya legends Made by Gamaya Inc. a California-based video game company, Gamaya Legends is a beautifully crafted game based on the Ramayana. Unlike most of the games that go with the original story, this particular one has a different plot. In this game, a sinister evil is destroying the epic legend of our era and heroes and villains stand frozen in time as statues. As the protagonist, it is your quest to battle the evil forces and restore the legend. Incredible gameplay and graphics is what makes this game stand out. Download: for Android, for iOS
Ram Vs Raavan
ram vs ravan A simple game with a simple name. The graphics of this game reminds you of the simpler times. This is a platform game where you get through each level killing monsters and using up health portions. If you’re a big fan of the good old Super Mario and Donkey Kong games, then this one’s sure to keep you hooked. Download: for Android, for iOS Also Read: These 15 Nintendo Games Are Giving Us All Some Serious Blast from The Past Nostalgia
Ram The Yodha
Ram The Yodha Here’s something to keep around for the kids. Pick between Lord Ram or Laxman and proceed through the 8 levels of this game. You get three types of dhanush powers to kill all the rakshasas and a special power that lets Hanuman descend down on your enemies and destroy them. This game is simple, informative and a good distraction for the kids this Dussehra. Download Cover Image via google play store, Images via google play store