The only time you might want to explore the many ways to drape a dupatta is when wedding season is looming around. We don’t blame you, though. This versatile piece of clothing is vastly underrated thanks to the terrible PR job Bollywood has done with it. So, we decided to take matters in our own hands and teach by example. Pull out that dupatta from your closet, ladies, it’s time to play dress up. okhai2  

The Dupatta Vest

The easiest cover up is a dupatta vest. Just throw it on across your neck and belt it up. If your style brinks on the more relaxed side, tie the corners together in the back and turn it into a shrug. okhai1

The Statement Dupatta

An unexpected way to style the dupatta—especially if you have an embroidered one like this—is to find creative ways to flaunt its beauty. Here, we take cues from origami - tuck one edge inside, fan-fold the other end and drape it across. dupatta

The Dupatta Layer

This one is for when you want to jazz up your plain ol’ kurta-chudidar outfit. Take one corner of your dupatta and tie it to the other end. Do the same thing with the other side. And viola! You have you a shrug. Put it on and make this look #Trending.

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