How does one dress like a superhero while still managing to brave the day? I mean, in a way that no one notices or laughs but thinks you’re freakin’ cool. The trick lies in the details, colours and accessories. Yup, that’s how simple it is. All it takes is melting the superhero inspiration into trendy wardrobe piece and adding a few statements. With Marvel announcing the release of two upcoming mystery movies, we thought we would hand-pick  the front runners of the superhero universe and show you how to put on a real super-show!


Batman/Bruce Wayne is gifted. Monetarily and in intelligence and intellect; his outfit reflects it. Your look must have details and look expensive (even if we’re cutting corners) Accessories are of importance for both Bruce Wayne and Batman. batman 1 batman 2 bat 3
  • Pic crisp, classic suits in dark tones of grey, navy or brown.
  • Accessorise with dope watches, well-finished belts, metallic shades and impeccably constructed shoes.
  • Get a cool Batman tee and dress it with a pair of dark jogger pants.
  • Get a pair of cool ninja boots and pair with some black drain pipe jeans.

 Iron Man

He’s the one with the brains of a scientist but he is a billionaire playboy like Batman but with a sense of humour and a bit of a show-boater. These traits form the guidelines to dressing like Iron Man or Tony Stark. ironm1 ironm2 ironm3
  • Sharp suits with trendy accents in cuts and fits. Accessories with graphic pockets squares but balanced with mix match ties.
  • Have fun in the way you play your squares and monotone suits in jewel hues are options.
  • Work you accessories like sunglasses, cuff-links, tie pins, belt-buckles with shiny gold plating.
  • High tops with metallic gold details work like no other.


He's the original superhero, born with the powers and he sure knows how to work them to his advantage. Colour blocking is the major factor here so you can work any look with red and blue accents being key. sm1 sm2 sm3
  • For you super avatar, work in some skinny/jogger pants and a muscle tee in a light cobalt blue.
  • Since a red cape would be too obvious, we’ll work in a snuggly red cardigan and finish the look with red sneakers.
  • Superman man, has beautifully coiffed hair that gelled immaculately n place. So you too need to get your super talent hair dresser on the job.


Within the realms of Spidey’s colour pallet i.e. blue and red, you can have fun. Spidey’s a young college punk with a street sense of humour. So you can definitely play with younger college themes. spiderman1 spiderman2 spiderman3
  • He is a college lad with a part time job as a photojournalist. So play your class college slogan tees, jeans, converse kicks and a canvas backpack.
  • Since he too is a bit of a geek, a pair of glasses and a checker shirt worn as a jacket will come in handy to keep your look fun.
  • Varsity jackets are an awesome option to play here!
  • A red jumper tee with dark blue track pants that fit well can be you Spidey-avatar.
  It’s super fun dressing like a superheroes. The trick is to simple use their trademark colours and play them in strong structured clothes with a hint of statement here and there. Have fun taking over the world. And remember, with great power comes great responsibilities. So don’t be rude and spread the love! Images courtesy: Pinterest