Whether it is the front row at a fashion week or addressing an entire nation, these women know they have all eyes on them wherever they are, and they sure know how to dress the part. If being a leading lady is your thing, take cues from their impeccable fashion sense and make it your own. QR

Queen Rania

The Jordanian Queen is a flawless vision in well-tailored and minimal outfits that make a powerful statement. PC

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka is an international fashion icon with her adventurous dressing and bold style. We heart her fearless attitude! MO

Michelle Obama

Having been dressed by world’s leading designers, America’s first lady never fails to impress; be it her signature knee-length floral dresses or even more daring fashion choices. AW

Anna Wintour

Having been Vogue’s Editor-in-chief for the longest time, Anna Wintour has inspired generations with her iconic pageboy haircut and large glasses. A master of layering, love how she layers knee length coats with printed dresses and chunky jewellery. JC

Amal Clooney

She’s playful yet poised, making heads turn with her eclectic sartorial choices. We love this human rights lawyer and international activist’s sense of style (and are super jealous of her gorgeous husband!). IN

Indra Nooyi

When you’re the CEO of Pepsi Co, you show the world how it’s done with your power suits and a 1000 watt smile.