Now that the written word is dead and lying six feet under, the new source of fashion inspiration to turn to is Instagram. The self-contained universe of this social network is rife with a plethora of inspo - whether it is beauty tutorials or styling cues. As is only natural with humans, the world of Instagram too has hierarchies and ergo the alphas of the species—also known in common parlance as influencers. Here's a quick guide to dressing like your favourite Insta star and hoping someday that you too will have the same clout.

Leandra Medine aka Man Repeller

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Medine started a revolution of sorts when she first surfaced on the blogosphere. Her deliberately anti-girly, anti-male gaze stance on fashion was a breath of fresh air and continues to stay so. To dress like her you need - a boxy blazer, pants that are leggings (haters gone hate), a bunch of plain white T-shirts and zero f***s to give.

Aimee Song aka Song of Style

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Aimee Song has the kind of influence on fashion that once wrested only with fashion editors. Her distinct bohemian-meets-luxe style has quite a following—4.4 million, to be precise—and will give you all the #WardrobeGoals. Think poet or bell sleeves, dainty florals and billowy silhouettes.

Kayaan Contractor aka One Half of Love & Other Bugs

Kayaan is an icon when it comes to shaking things up on the India fashion front. Her easy-going, effortless style is the best embodiments of #WokeUpLikeThis. To channel this, all you need is a wardrobe full of joggers, leggings, sweatshirts, flannels and chambray shirts. And a permanent je ne sais quoi vibe.

Tanesha Awasthi aka Girl with Curves

Tanesha Awasthi is the boss woman of Insta fashion - she is curvy and gorgeous and doesn't care two f***s about rules and opinions. Her personal style is ever morphing - she can go from boho to retro in under three Insta posts. To ape her look, pick everything you have ever been told not to wear, mix it up and wear it like the ground you step on is your runway.

Jeanne Damas

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Fashion has a French fixation and Jeanne Damas is the perfect muse. Her quintessentially Parisian style is easy to emulate—all you need is a closet comprised entirely of blue jeans, T-shirts and wrap around tops.   Like this story? Also read: 7 Instagram Accounts to Follow for All the Fashion Inspiration You Ever Need