What are the makings of the complete man? Attitude is one of them. And the other, to paraphrase the adage goes, is what he wears. A quick analysis of men’s dressing over the past 20 years will reveal a huge change – breaking age-old stereotypes, it is now the norm for men to look well-dressed, well groomer and, yes, even moisturized. In fact, an article in Business of Fashion declares that men’s fashion, claiming a barely-there slice of the market in the 1990s, has grown so substantially that men now outspend women, when it comes to some items like shoes and some ready-to-wear garments. At home, brands like Raymond offer stylish, well-fitted options ranging from shirts and jackets to suits, and are dressing men well. For more style notes, we spoke to Usaamah Siddique, the menswear blogger and man behind The Dapper Label, which teaches Indian men how to look good. Take notes. Usaamah Siddiqui

How would you define dapper dressing?

It means being well dressed, neat & well groomed. It’s about paying attention to details.

Were you always a stylish kid, or did you learn how to look good?

Yes. As far as I remember/ as to what I’ve seen in my childhood pictures I’ve always liked dressing up.

Why did you start Dapper Label?

I have always had an eye for the subtleties of style; and I went on to create my blog in 2013 after working closely with a celebrity stylist. I am fascinated by design, detail and photography and my blog features all things menswear from the perspective of fashion, lifestyle and travel.

One outfit Combo that makes you look good?

Well-fitting denims and a crisp white shirt.

And one that makes you feel powerful?

A made-to-measure suit.

An outfit/item that can make any man look good?

A well-fitted suit.

One thing you wished Indian men did more, when it comes to style/dressing up?

Men should always pay attention to details and focus on wearing clothes that fit properly, rather than worry about what’s in style all the time.

Your style idol?

David Beckham, Tom Ford, Saif Ali Khan

Favorite accessory?

A watch.

What sort of watch do you wear?

Depending on my outfit, sometimes a bold chunky watch and sometimes one with a sleek leather strap.

 What’s your least favourite accessory?

I don’t enjoy wearing anything on the neck.

Your favourite new buy?

Gucci mules

Dress shoes or sneakers?

Dress shoes.

Tie or tieless?


Trousers or jeans?


Checks and stripes or funky prints?

Checks and stripes for the win. I’m not a very loud person so funky prints don’t suit my personality as much. However, I itch to wear some cool funky prints with denims many a time. The interview has been edited.

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