There are several reasons why women all over have come to share an intense love-hate relationship with this show. For five previous seasons, HBO’s Girls has capitalized the experiences of every 20-somethings everywhere. From friendships to heartbreaks, career crisis to mental meltdowns, the show is as honest as it gets in the depiction of modern millennial women. Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna and Jessa are four of the oddest (yet relatable) bunch of characters who bring a mix of extremes to the show and their wardrobe plays a big part in bringing out these quirks. Their fashion is as real, raw and awkward as their own personalities. Now as the final season of Girls rolls out, we take a quick sneak peek into their wardrobe so that you can take your own picks to dress up like the girls from Girls.


hannah Described as ‘lovingly dishevelled’, Hannah likes colours and patterns that are often too loud. After six season of the show it would still seem like she has an eye for whimsically mismatched pieces. Despite that if there’s anyone who can make your grandmother’s clothes look cool, count on Hannah Banana.
Oasis Yellow Skater Dress


marnie Marnie began off as this sophisticated, meticulously groomed, refined young lady, but as life’s absurdity caught up to her, her personality and her outfits have gotten a lot more relaxed. She gave up her pencil skirts and fitted dresses for a more indie musician vibe. Think flowy dresses, loose T-shirts, track pants and everything that’s more casual and less chic.
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shoshonna Shoshanna too has come a long way from her preppy girly outfits. Her wardrobe has seen the biggest changes, with some interesting Japanese influences in season 5 to her girl boss work wear in season 6. However, if there’s one thing that’s constant it is the colour palette with all the pinks and pastels she wears.
Warehouse Off White Floral Printed Top


jessa Jessa’s eccentric vibe has always reflected in her outfits. But as the seasons continued, this free-spirted bohemian has gradually started to accept that the world is much larger than her. Her bold outfits have gotten distilled through the seasons from those overly dramatic silhouettes to basic essential denims.
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