Why do our brains take you for a spin every (other) night in fantasyland? How do we do it? Neuroscience might be a complicated subject but leave it to Bill Nye, The Science Guy to make it simple? Dreaming is one of the more mysterious activities our brain engages in and Bill Nye makes it oh so easy to understand using emojis. Yep, emojis. Also Read: Yes, Daydreaming is Good For Your Mental Health A dream occurs when one is in the deepest states of sleep, namely the rapid eye movement (REM) state and non-rapid eye movement (NREM). REM dreaming is way more intense because it takes place in the brain’s visual cortex and helps you see images as real as life itself. Bill Nye uses your friendly neighbourhood emojis to explain the different states of consciousness. Check out the video and figure out what’s going on in your mind (and why) when you dream.