Actor, style muse and an interesting-case-study-in-human-behaviour, Ranveer Sigh has a way of disrupting the narrative with just a fleeting appearance on screen. So now, he's decided to exhibit the gamut of his many crazy talents —writing, rapping, dancing, what have you— and all we can do is sit, jaws in our hand, in awe.   Ranveer J&J1   This two-minute long video for Jack & Jones is a montage of sorts to his personal style. Sure, it's a rap video, but the styling picks on a more grungy, utlitarian track. From biker jackets to camouflage hoodies, it's got some serious rockstar overtones.   Ranveer Camo hoodie   And yes, there's a lot of foot-stomping, trash-talking and some seriously sick dance moves as well. Watch out Kanye West, this guy is sure after your money!   Ranveer singh top hat   Men, pull out your notebooks and take notes. And after you're through with that, get your style swag up a few notches and add these to your closet.#DontHoldBack Get, set, shop like Ranveer Singh!