Call it an on-demand cab service, but in the three years that it has been around in our country, Uber has become much more than that. A 2 am ride, a driver that never denies you no matter what the destination, a cashless trip when in a cash crisis and most of all an affordable AC car when travelling in the sweltering heat in India. Most of us depend on Uber for all our local travel, most of us would skip work if Uber were out of service. There’s no denying that having an Uber account is as important as having insurance. When something has such high regard, losing it can be an absolute nightmare. If you thought your Uber account was eternal, you’re in for a big shock! Turns out, Uber can snatch your privilege to ride if you overstep your boundaries. So, yes, you can be banned from Uber if you behave like a total ass when using their services. Uber US has released a set of guidelines for passengers to straighten out their conduct when taking a ride. These rules also apply to all Uber riders around the world. Here are a few things to avoid, so that you don’t get banned.
Damaging or vandalising property
Any kind of damage to the car or the driver’s phone is considered offensive. Littering and spilling food or drinks intentionally, smoking and even vomiting in a drunk state will cost you your Uber account.
Inappropriate contact with driver or fellow rider
Uber has always had a no sex rule which could be taken as a serious offence. Additionally, now they also maintain that a passenger cannot touch or flirt with the driver or other passengers inappropriately. Violent behaviour is also prohibited when on a ride.
Abusive language or gestures
Engaging in verbal threat or asking overly personal questions to the driver or co-passenger is inappropriate. Comments and gestures that are aggressive, discriminatory, sexual and disrespectful will be condemned too.
Making contact after a ride
Unlike many other countries, Uber India gives you access to the driver's contact details. If you use such information to contact them via text or call post the ride, you could be banned from using this service.
Breaking local laws
The local law in India prohibits the use of alcohol and drugs in public vehicles and places. Doing so could get you in trouble not only with the law but with Uber too. Other things like travelling with more number of people than the car is meant to contain, asking the driver to break traffic laws or using Uber to commit a crime can all get you banned for good. Once you’ve been reported for the above-mentioned misbehaviour, Uber will investigate further. However, they could ban you in the meantime too. Repeated offences will cause you to lose your Uber account for good. To avoid such a loss, try to be more civilised when you travel. You can keep a check on your Uber score to see how your drivers perceive you. Maintain your Uber rating so that you’re never denied a ride.