Dropping your phone in water is not the only thing that will ruin it, there are several low-key things that threaten your smartphone too. Unconsciously, we end up repeating these small mistakes that eventually take a toll on our most trusted gadget. So, if you’re wondering why your smartphone has been acting out, stop and ensure you aren’t doing the following things to it.
Charging your battery to 100 per cent
You probably know that using your battery till it hits 0 percent can weaken the battery but did you know charging it to a full 100 percent can deteriorate it too. The Li-ion battery used in most smartphones don’t need to be charged all the way but in small bouts throughout the day. The general rule is to keep them between 80 to 40 percent and charge when it drops lower. To recalibrate your battery, you can fully charge it maybe once a month but never leave it to charge overnight. Also Read: Extend Your Smartphone’s Battery Life with These Quick Hacks
Never turning your smartphone off
Just like your computer needs to be turned off when you’re not using it, your smartphone needs to be shut down occasionally too. Keeping it on all the time affects the life expectancy. Try doing this when you go to sleep or are watching a movie. When you turn it on back after a few hours, it will run more efficiently. Even rebooting it once in a while is great since it clears cache and improves speed.
Ignoring software updates
Software updates may take up more space but they’re good for your phone. With every update, they add plenty of new benefits including improving battery usage. So, an updated app will use lesser battery than its previous version and will also run a lot more smoothly thus benefiting your smartphone. Also Read: 9 Reasons Your Smartphone Was the Best Thing to Happen to You
Cramping up the storage
Storage is always such a vital feature. There are so many apps, photos, music and movies you could need in your phone but only so much space to occupy them all. Pushing those limits and cramping up your storage will cause your smartphone to act weirdly. You will notice how it begins to lag and run slowly when you do so, which can be a total bummer. Ideally, pick a smartphone with a whole lot of memory or an SD card that can take the extra burden off your phone memory.
Ignoring when it heats up
There are many ways a phone can get overly heated. Leaving it in hot weather conditions and overusing it are some of the many reasons. Just like the heat inconveniences us, it does so to your smartphone too which leads on to affect its functions and battery. To overcome this, you can switch off your smartphone for a while to let it cool. But ideally, try to protect your smartphone from excessive heat and cold temperatures.