Honestly, I am done keeping up with the Kardashians. Whoever gave them the authority to dictate fashion trends must be publicly flogged. I for one am all about comfortable fashion clothing. I sort of did the pyjama dressing bit and even managed to pull off the silk robe kimono as day wear,but this, well no! No chance in hell I will be seen in bicycle shorts that cling to your crotch for dear life and make camel toes a mandate. And if you are curvy and heavy on the bottom like me, this trend is just not for you (unless of course if you're Kim Kardashian). Here's some visual proof as to why cycling shorts are probably not the most flattering bottom-wear choice this fall.

Yes. Demi Moore walked the red carpet in these


Somebody care to explain this to me?

083016-kim-k-nyc-lead (1)  

And this?



Workwear gone wrong?


Not so Fresh Prince of Bel Air

purple cycle shorts  

Spotted on the runway at New York Fashion Week