We all love new purchases, but when it comes jeans, we feel differently. The old ones, especially the ones that have shaped to fit us perfectly over time always have a special place in our hearts. What’s really good is that you don’t have to put that pair away yet. A pair of jeans that naturally fades and gives a well-worn look is the perfect canvas for you to get creative. It’s time to recycle and refashion them. Ahead, we show how you can get yourself a DIY stylized pair of jeans with some nifty action.

Cool Distress

There is something about the nonchalant look of a distressed pair of jeans that immediately gives any outfit a cool street style look. If you have an old pair of jeans, then all you need is a pair of scissors and tweezers to get your DIY project started. This video tutorial by SimplyDIYs is a quick and easy guide to distressing your denim in five different ways.

Modern Embroidery

Embroidery is quite an art and it gets really fun when you can try it on denim to instantly make it look super chic and new. Charles and Elin’s modern embroidery on denim is the inspiration you have been waiting for. We absolutely love this DIY idea – it is subtle, simple and the perfect way to spark some visual drama on your old jeans.

Tonal Cut-Outs

Get yourself a fun pair of two-toned jeans with the cut-out technique. All you need is to find the right pattern to cut out on your jeans and then fill it with a different shade of denim. It’s the easiest way you can upcycle your old denim in just a few hours. This video tutorial by the DIY Designer is the perfect guide to getting it done.

Pretty Pearls

From fashion bloggers to celebrity style icons, everyone has flaunted the pearl jeans trend in recent times. If a high-street look that gives a casual outfit a chic spin is what’s on your mind then it’s time to make your own version of the much-loved pearl denim trend. This video by DIY expert Sukari is as easy as stylizing your jeans can get. Cover image courtesy - Shutterstock.com