Surely it's some kind of a cosmic joke that both Diwali and Halloween are falling on the same day. But, hey, who are we to question the workings of the universe. Instead of doubting the higher powers, we decided to take a cue from Beyoncé and make lemonade (nope, we didn't make a visual album, though). Presenting the hottest looks from India Fashion Week that double up as Halloween costumes. Which means you can go straight from Laxmi Puja to your friend's Halloween party without so much as tweaking your look. Talk about investment pieces, eh?

Extra Terrestrial Bride

ET Bride
Sure you might have to sell a few organs and your dad's Apple Watch collection to buy this outfit, but once get it you'll never regret it. This ensemble goes straight from Diwali puja to wedding season, with a brief pit-stop at a Halloween party if you commit to the makeup and jewellery. Because who doesn't want/is terrified by an ET bride!

Almost Yeezy Model

Almost Yeezy Model
Okay fine, it's not the real thing. But every mortal being aspires to own a Yeezy ripoff (the real thing is hard to come by). This mesh see-through onsie can make even the most grown-ass man seem like he's in cahoots with Kanye West—and isn't that the stuff of #lifegoals? Bonus points if you commit to the costume and faint midway through the party or take your shoes off in the middle of the dance floor.

Dancing Dead

Disc Zombie Zombies are to 2016 what vampires were to 2009 - terrifyingly trendy. This blush-coloured beaded gown is perfect if you want to be the life of the party. Pull off the same makeup and you'd be the hottest zombie in town. A smattering of red is the best way to accessorise this look.

Intolerant Bhakt

Intorelarnt Bhakt

Intolerance is the new cool, you guys. And nothing says Bhakti (*ahem* ghar wapsi) like khaki. This suit and kurta outfit is as sanskari as can be, we're sure RSS would agree. Who knows, maybe the khaki legion would want to enlist you next.

Team Angelina Jolie's Left Leg

Jolie Left Leg

The most high profile breakup this year has been Brangelina and the whole world had to stop everything they were doing to weigh in their opinions and take sides. If you chose Team AJ, then stick to it and show support—and some leg—with this black gown that's Jolie-approved.

Desi Morticia Addams

Desi Morticia Addams Every Halloween there are a bunch of Morticia Addams roaming around the streets, thinking their costume is the most sinister. Put them in their place by choosing this desi variant instead. It's dark, it's sexy and well, it's got some sanskaari-ness to it. Which brings us to...

Millennial Wednesday Addams

Millennial Wednesday Addams Another usual suspect, but this one is uncanny. Choose all white instead of black because, duh, black is so mainstream. That blank freeze-stare you usually reserve for your haters goes best with this outfit. Don't think death, think boredom.

Cultural Misappropriation

Cultural MisappropriationIf you thought Harley Quinn was going to be the hottest Halloween outfit this year, you thought wrong. Cultural misappropriation is in vogue, you guys, and you better get on with it without any questions. We hate it when it's done to us and our culture but we just love dreadlocks with our saris, don't we? Images courtesy