Divya and Dipika Israni recognized their passion for fashion as little girls. At a young age, the Israni girls took their desire for it a step forward and today individually run their own successful businesses. While Divya pursued her love for playing around with different colours and fabrics, she is an active partner and designer at their clothing brand called Sapphire, Dipika chased her dreams of running her own company and today is the founder of her own Public Relations company, DI Public Relations. It’s easy to mistake one of the girls for the other with their striking similarities, but however similar they may look the two of them are unmistakably poles apart. And this reflects in their distinct taste when it comes to Diwali gifts. Take a cue or two from these bubbly sisters' Diwali wishlist!   Diwali-Wishlist2 Dipika's wishlist 1.Fun Dhoti Outfit; 2.Green Tea - Gardner Street; 3. Cookies; 4. Exotic Candles Divya's wishlist 5. Silver Earrings-Ritika Sachdeva; 6. Silver Neck-piece-Ritika Sachdeva; 7. Croptop- Arpita Mehta; 8. Lumee Phone cover; 9. Deconstructed Motichoor & Gulab Jamun cheesecake