Curls And Beards is a duo with John Soans and Sharvari Deshpande. They cover songs on social media and have performed at musical venues like Hard Rock Cafe and Tuning Fork around the city. They sing about love and peace. They met 7 years ago in college and came together in pursuit of performance in different ways. They were in a band together, they were in the same repertory theatre together and then they fell in love. Their relationship with each other and with the music they make has been ongoing for 6 years. They would like to think that Curls And Beards was born out of the discoveries they made about themselves as individuals and as a couple over the years of growing up together. They hope to translate the love they feel for each other unto the world through their music. And their passion for it reflects in their wish list for Diwali too. Presenting to you these musicians’ wishlist. Diwali-Wishlist-tech   Sharvari's Wishlist  1. Go pro : Hero5 2. Vlogging camera: Sony A 7r ii 3. Zoom H6 handheld Microphone 4. Aukey Solar charger John's Wishlist 5. Luna 360 VR Camera (Because they have a few ideas for their channel) 6. Gloves 8. Playstation 4 Neo (Not out yet, but everyone's excited about it) 9. Jamstik+   If you like their wish list, you might also like the products mentioned below. Artwork by Aditi Sharma

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