As much as we’d like to tell ourselves it’s no competition, Diwali gifting can be a challenging task. The goal is to try and be thoughtful and yet keep to your budget. To help beat such festive gifting woes, we’ve curated a list of well-thought Diwali gifts under Rs 5,000 to impress your family and friends.

A Tablet because it’s a handy gadget

Ambrane AQ-700 Tablet
Price: Rs 3,799 Having a tablet around can be a great asset. For starters, you can save some smartphone battery and use the tablet for gaming, watching movies and for all that mindless browsing. It doesn’t even have to be a gift for a tech-savvy person. Everyone could use an extra gadget around and that’s why this budget tablet is a good Diwali gift.

An Air Purifier for clean breathing air

Mi Air Purifier Filter
Price: Rs 2,499 An air purifier can capture anywhere between 85 to 99 percent particles. Most of them have filters that keep away allergen, impurities and smoke that cause breathing problems. The cleaner the air you breathe, the better will your health be. And that’s why an air purifier might just be the best gift for your family this Diwali. Also Read: Breathe Easy With the New & Now Mi Air Purifier 2  

A Smart Wrist Band to motivate fitness goals

Portronics Yogg Smart Wrist Band
Price: Rs 1,399 Everyone could use a little #fitspiration to get up and achieve their fitness goals after an indulgent Diwali, and this smart wrist band could be the right gift then. It has a built-in activity tracker that records daily activities and exercise levels helping you keep fit.  

A Coffee Maker to always have some fresh brew around

Oster BVSTDCUS 660 Watt 4 Cups Coffee Maker
Price: Rs 1,399 You can never go wrong with a coffee machine. Who wouldn’t like waking up to a freshly brewed pot? This gift is sure to make everybody’s day. This coffee maker lets you brew four cups of coffee to keep your mornings energy-filled. Also Read: Books That Changed How the World Saw Mental Health Issues  

A Bluetooth Speaker to keep everyone in good spirits

LG PH2R Bluetooth Speaker
Price: Rs 950 Bluetooth speakers seem to be a convenient gadget these days - no more wires or plugs necessary. Just connect the speaker to your phone via Bluetooth and keep the music playing. This powerful LG Bluetooth speaker has a 360-degree technology that ensures even sound distribution throughout the room. It makes for an elegant Diwali gift, especially for the musically inclined. Also Read: India’s Hottest New Tourist Destinations in 2017 Cover Image Courtesy: