The rumours and theories have been doing the rounds for years, but now Disney Pixar has finally confirmed what the Internet has suspected all along – the Pixar Universe Theory is real! All Pixar movies are connected to one another and are set in the same cinematic universe, much the same as Marvel has done with its movies. In a video posted to the official Disney Pixar Facebook page earlier this month, the pioneering animation studio highlighted an entire host of scenes from their movies which feature characters or elements from other Disney Pixar films. While many cynics out there might be tempted to claim that this is simply a means for them to save costs or reuse expensive and time-consuming 3D models, the truth is even more surprising. In the beginning of the video is a clip from Inside Out, released in June 2015, which features a character from The Good Dinosaur, released in November 2015. This means that they’re hinting at future movies in their films. Talk about planning!


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