Memories are best remembered by pictures. Remember that photo of 5-year-old you sitting on a horse or posing in front of the Taj Mahal? How else would you recall such things if it hadn’t been for that photo album labelled ‘Agra 1995’. Dig through that one drawer in the closet and you know you’ll find a dozen albums from all the years before the eve of digital cameras and smartphones. Your parent’s wedding album, your first birthday and so many more precious memories just lying there. It would be such a tragedy if you had to misplace any of them or something worse were to happen. And that’s why keeping a digital copy of these photos is an assured way to immortalise these valuable pieces of nostalgia. It’s so much easier to access them when you digitalize them. And with Christmas and the holiday season right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to take a walk through nostalgia lane. Also Read: Everything You’ll Need to Capture Those Festive Memories Digitalize your old photo albums before your next family gathering with Google’s new PhotoScan app. This app is basically a scanner that digitalizes printed photos in good quality in a matter of seconds. No more wasting 5 minutes per picture on the regular scanner with this handy app around. In just three simple steps you can scan old, torn and even crumbled pictures into digital copies within seconds. photo scan app

Step 1

Download PhotoScan on Android or iOS and register yourself on the app.

Step 2

Place the old photo you wish to scan on a plain surface in a room with plenty of natural light. Position the camera over it and wait for the circle to pop in the centre of it. Make sure you get most of the photo inside the frame. Now click the picture but before you hear the shutter sound, watch out for the four circles that appear in the corner of the screen. Move your phone in such a way that the circle that was in the centre goes on the top of one of the corner circle. Now it will take a photo and you will see a blue line run completely around the circle to indicate that it’s done. Repeat the same thing with the remaining three circles.

Step 3

The app will gather together all the photos you just took and combine them. It then removes any distortion or glare, crops it and presents to you a finished image, which is stored in Google photos or the gallery app you use. This how it how the magic happens. Get professional-quality pictures with this free app. Looks like it’s time for a weekend project!