We’re constantly logged on to the internet. The digital upgradation has made us completely dependent on it. We rely on it for socializing, entertaining ourselves and getting everyday things done. It is convenient in many ways, but our dependability on the internet has made us slaves to our smartphones. Like they say, too much of anything can become a problem. Such an addiction to the internet can soon turn into a malady. It’s time we stop and smell the roses and for that we need to put down the smartphone. But before you put it down, get your hands on these apps that will make it easier to reduce your internet use in the new year.
offtime As the name suggests, this app allows you to block everything on your smartphone that distracts you from getting on with your everyday tasks. It lets you restrict access to apps like Facebook and other games. It lets your filter notifications and limit your phone usage. It also includes information on how much you use your smartphone and how. You can choose its personalized modes like Work, Family or Me Time that only allows relevant notification. Download: For Android
StayOn Task
Stayon task This app works as your conscience call, reminding you not to procrastinate and get to work. Sounds like a perfect app for writers, artists, students and procrastinators in general, right! All it does is simply checks up on you from time-to-time at random intervals to redirect your focus. Download: For Android
appdetox Is your Instagram browsing uncontrollable to an extent where you haven’t missed a single post by the people you follow? Well, it’s time you acknowledge the addiction and head for a detox. This app helps you curb your addictive usage by letting you set your own rules for the apps you use.  Set your own parameters for every individual app so you can use them appropriately. Every time you go overboard and break your own rule, this app will remind you to put down your phone. Download: For Android
Productive Challenge Timer
productivity challenge timer Want to get a job done? Put a timer on it! And if you can’t get it done on time, then this timer will mock the slacker out of you. This app has the apt personality to get you off the mindless browsing and chatting and motivates you to complete the task you’ve set out to do. It has impossible-to-ignore sound effects and is constantly mocking you, which gets you back on track. It rewards you for finishing your job on time and drops your ranking if you fail. Download: For Android, for iOS
breakfree Like many other apps, this one too tracks your usage but unlike them it breaks down this information into “addiction score”. It also shows you how many times you unlock your phone along with a detailed log of your usage for the day. You can use some of its features to block and limit your incoming notifications and calls too. Download: For Android, for iOS Images via Google Play Store