Why would anyone want to wreck their laptop? Unfortunately, that’s what a lot of people do, without even knowing it. They may be good-looking, high performing gadgets but laptops aren’t as rugged as your PC, they bring with them a shorter lifespan. On average, the hardware begins to age after two to three years and handling one without much care will decrease its lifespan. It’s clear that laptops are far from being indestructible and you can destroy them easily if you continue to do these things.

Allow it to overheat

overheated laptop Continue to leave your laptop to overheat and it will soon start misbehaving or shutting down randomly or even fusing out. Laptops are compact gadgets with all their parts tightly packed into a small space. These parts have to be kept well-ventilated to keep them from heating. There is a fan inside the laptop that expels the internal heat and keeps it running smoothly. It is your job to make sure that the fan vent is clear and there is no obstruction that traps the heat. Keeping your laptops in a messy space could block the vents and restrict airflow. It has to be placed on a flat and level surface and not on your lap or bed. All these things also affect the ventilation process. Other factors like leaving your laptop exposed to the sun or in a hot environment can also cause it to overheat. Also Read: How to Keep Your Laptop from Overheating If your laptop is prone to overheating, you should invest in a cooling pad. Placing your laptop on the raised surface of a cooling pad allows better airflow underneath to dissipate the heat. The additional fans of the cooling pad ease out the pressure on the internal fan of your laptop.

Hold it the wrong way

hold laptop Picking your laptop by the display screen and walking around will surely lead to destruction. This could damage the display screen or the hinges attaching the display screen to the base. Even expensive, sturdy and hybrid laptops will crack under such pressure of being held the wrong way. The best way to move a laptop is to close it and grab it by the base. If you want to move an open laptop, hold it carefully with both your hands. Also Read: How Revealing: Exploring Safe Spaces on the Internet

Skip ‘shut down’

shut down laptop Closing the lid takes two seconds while shutting down the system can take over two minutes, we understand. But do you understand the difference? Simply closing the lid leaves the hard drive spinning for a few minutes. If you pack it up and move around when the internal parts are still working, you end up damaging them. Shutting down your laptop at the end of the day allows the system to rest. If you can’t shut it down, at least put it to sleep or hibernate when you store it in your bag or cabin.

Forget to unplug

charging laptop Keep your laptop plugged in all day every day to slowly but surely kill its battery. However, if you want to extend your battery’s lifespan, unplug it when it’s completely charged to let the battery breathe a little. You can plug it back when it drops to 20% and then recharge it fully. It’s not always the dramatic falls that will end up destroying your laptop, even these small things can eventually wreck it. Also Read: Neutral Bags That Go With Everything Cover Imagecourtesy: Shutterstock.com; Images Courtesy: Shutterstock.com

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