People travel for all kinds of reasons. But there are a few who travel just for the sake of travel itself – to know more about the world and how we fit in it. If you haven’t tried this yourself then this is probably a good time to plan a journey to the places that are not only full of things to see, but will also make you fall in love with yourself and the world all over again.  

Vik, Iceland

01 vik iceland

We like to think that Scandinavian countries are amongst the happiest in the world because they’re all connected by the ethereal spectacle that is the Northern Lights. In wild and unspoilt Iceland, your chances of experiencing this heavenly display are very high. Standing under the Lights and experiencing this extraordinary phenomenon is something that will stay with you forever.  

Hong Kong, China

02 hong kong china

The sheer energy exuded by Hong Kong is unmatched by any other city in the world. Hong Kong is also a city of contrasts, but that’s what makes it endearing. It has the highest concentration of skyscrapers in the world, while also having lot of places with lush greenery and almost uninhabited beaches. Finding global cuisine in the hip Tsim Sha Sui area is easy, and Hong Kong also has the world’s most affordable Michelin star restaurant, Tim Ho Wan. This global city can delight you in ways you never thought was possible.  

Maasai Mara, Kenya

03 maasai mara kenya

We believe that there is nothing better than nature to show you your place in the world. In Maasai Mara, you can observe some of the most beautiful animals in their natural habitat and understand what the circle of life truly means. Bonus points if you get here during the annual wildebeest migration.   Like this article? Also read: 15 Curious Words That Describe Everyday Life With Great Beauty  

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

04 salar de uyini bolivia

Some places in the world can simply take your breath away. Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is one such places guaranteed to make your jaw drop. This is the world’s largest salt flat, which when covered with clean water, makes it the world’s largest natural mirror. The landscape in the area is incredible beyond belief so you can rest assured that you’ll take some of your best pictures here #SelfieGoals  

Paris, France

05 paris france

Not all of us enjoy nature as much as the vibe of the big city. And from all the cities you could choose, Paris should be on top of your list for the sheer variety of things on offer. From world-class art at the Louvre, to its famed culinary scene, to just soaking in the French way of life, this is a city where everyone can find something they love. If nothing else works for you, simply head to Trocadero after dark and enjoy the lights of Eiffel Tower.  

Paro, Bhutan

06 paro bhutan

How can a country that is intent on happiness be far from having spectacular views that bring a smile to your face at almost every turn? Bhutan is every landscape photographer’s dream muse and the cheery and religious people will make you look at your own life so you can add happiness to it as well. The best part for Indians? You don’t need a passport or foreign currency to get there!  

Tso Moriri, Ladakh

07 tso moriri ladakh

Ladakh is technically a desert – a cold desert at that – but the stunning landscapes on offer is so uplifting that is it difficult to stay indoors for a long stretch of time. You will find numerous Buddhist temples and a simple way of living there that will seem so different from your city life. Don’t forget to get to Tso Moriri lake where the water and the surrounding views are so surreal that you won’t believe such a beautiful place can actually exist in real life.


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