It’s been raining all day and night, and you know you’d rather be at home watching movies all night long. For setting up the perfect scene for a movie marathon, you need some dependables that will give you a critic rating of 5 stars as the perfect host. We got in touch with Salil Jamdar, face of popular Youtube channels such as Shudh Desi Endings and Shudh Desi Gaane. His Bollywood parodies always get our attention and we couldn't help but ask him for his take on movie marathon dependables. salil jamdar I love watching movies, and there are some nights that deserve a marathon of non-stop movies. Sleep is for the weak! Here’s what I’d recommend for a perfect movie marathon night.
Philips 39PFL3830 39 Inch HD Ready TV Obviously a television, because duh. I prefer to watch in full HD because it‘s a treat. And of course, size does matter. Also Read: An Insight into Buying the Perfect TV
Sony BDV-N9200W Home Theatre System My speakers of choice are a 5.1 system with surround sound. It gives you a theatre feel with the comfort of not leaving your room. I would prefer watching a movie this way any day than in a noisy cinema hall.
Hard Disk
Seagate Backup Plus STDR2000300 2 TB Hard Disk I keep a hard disk handy with tons of movies for choice. Screw cable.
Coffee Maker
Morphy Richards Europa Coffee Maker During every movie marathon night, there’s always that one spoilsport who's going to doze off. I recommend keeping a jet spray bottle handy with you to squirt refreshing cold water on his or her face. If you’re that spoilsport, you would do well with a coffee maker. Or beware the wrath of the jet spray.
IFB Rotisserie 25BCS1 25L Microwave A simple solo model is more than enough for me. My primary use is for popcorn of course, there’s no theatre feel without some popcorn. I also use it to make ginger lemon tea to balance all the crap I end up eating through the night. Also Read: Hot Damn: How to Buy a Microwave
Whirlpool 230 Icemagic Roy 215L 4S Single Door Refrigerator I definitely need a fridge, especially for ice cream, because that’s what I look forward to in the intermission. My choice of cold beverages depends on the kind of film we’re watching. For example, I go for beers for a sex comedy, or wine with cheese for cheesy romances. Wine puts me to sleep so I can automatically skip the film. Hands off the jet spray though, that’s only for my use 😉 Find more TVs here Cover Image Courtesy:

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