I think we can all agree that looking for the perfect pair of jeans—the one that doesn’t flatten your butt, or make your thighs look humungous—is stressful; but looking for the perfect pair for petites is like hunting for unicorns. I mean do they even exist? After over a decade of buying my own denims (mostly unflattering ones), I’ve finally got my basics right. And no, it’s not rocket science. So do yourself a favour and stop taking advice from that trend-obsessed, soon-to-be-ex shopping buddy ‘coz you’re about to discover how you buy jeans for Size P straight off the rack in three, two, one… Jeans fit for short women


High-rise or low-rise jeans tend to make petite women like us look short and stocky, by cutting either the torso or lower half. If you really can’t part with those low-rise denims, you might want to lose the belt; it only makes your hips look larger and your legs look shorter.


If you’re a short girl (no shame here), straight fit is your style. And every once in a while, you’ll find a great pair of skinnies too. Just remember to steer clear of the all racks that read ‘Wide Leg’ ‘Boot-cut’ and ‘Flare’. Boyfriend jeans are also not exactly your best friends. Jeans style for short women


I’m not talking button-popping tight. Try a comfortable stretchy pair of denims. They work better on petite women by reducing those creases and folds in the fabric that make you look shorter.

Simple pockets

Pockets with flaps and other embellishments draw attention to your tushie. And even if you have the most spankable one around, you don’t want to draw too much attention to it and break your length. Wear simple pockets that fall slightly higher up on your butt. Fine print: Lower pockets make your butt look saggy. Jeans Wash for short women

Darker washes

Let’s settle this; whoever made acid and stone washes was definitely smokin’ something. Now that those are out of the way, darker washes make you look slimmer and taller. Need we say more?

Shorter inseams

Unless you want to get yourself arrested by the fashion police, never wear jeans that bunch up at the ankles. Look for shorter inseams that ensure your jeans cut off right at your ankle or just below. P.S. Put back the cuffed denims already. Now that you got me to spill all of my secrets, I might as well add this one too. Forget your waist size; any tailor can alter that for you. Buy jeans that fit perfectly at the hip. Illustrations by Aditi Sharma