Let’s just say it – these are dark, unpredictable times and there’s not much to hold on to. Thankfully, when it comes to sartorial issues, denim is our only hope. Sure the functional fabric will be cut, stretched, washed and reinvented six ways to Sunday, but it’s definitely sticking around. Don’t be surprised if this fabric is all you’re seeing everywhere. Like the sands through the hourglass, so are the days of upcycling. From rugged and distressed jeans to functional-yet-casual chambray shirts, this is one indigo-dyed jean-pool we’re only happy to have around.
I always prefer keeping my denim on denim outfit in shades of blue. Best way is playing with contrasting washes. - Nikhil Kandhari, The Fashionist Duo

Prints Please

printed denim Printed denim has been waiting to happen since the turn of the decade, and even enjoyed a stint as brief as Harman Baweja’s career back in 2012. But now it has come off age, what with having given up its wild days and assuming a subtler avatar. Team a paisley or pinstriped chambray shirt with a pair of dark washed jeans.

Rugged As It Gets

ripped jeans   The rise of the severely worn out, near-shreds denim is a mystery as cryptic as the existence of the Lochness Monster. Pair it with a grey or white T-shirt and a classic denim jacket while you ponder over it.

Casual Cruisin'

casual-denims A sober cousin to Kanye’s leather joggers, the denim version is not to be worn while actually jogging, mind you. Just put on a white T-shirt and Instagram a selfie instead. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com

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