2016 has been a great year for fashion so far. We've had healthy conversations around body positivity, gender fluidity and democratising high fashion on a global scale. It wouldn't be far-fetched to call this the year fashion got real. Closer home, this season of Lakmé Fashion Week is replete with such trends. From plus sized models and a focus on the karigars to celebrating women from all walks of life, fashion has thrown open its doors wide to be all-inclusive. Here are some snapshots that herald the changing face of fashion in India.
The 'Please Touch' exhibition at the Artisans' Centre is a collaborative effort to raise awareness about the textiles and the karigars behind them.
'Trapezoid' by Schulen Fernandes for Wendell Rodricks shattered the belief that fashion comes with an age bar.
Artist Jayasri Burman was the showstopper for the Weaver's Studio show. Could this mark the end of fashion's celeb fixation?
Instead of using Bollywood stars or models, Ritu Kumar's Label had India's top bloggers open the show.
With their collection Mutiny 1919, Shantanu and Nikhil payed tribute to war veterans.
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Gaurang's show is a celebration of womanhood. Last season had a pregnant Carol Gracias walk down the ramp. This time around, the new mom resumed her stage.
Fashion is doing what politics can't; this season saw models from North East walk alongside their contemporaries.

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This season will also see a first — plus sized models walking the ramp for Little Shilpa; proving, yet again, that fashion is for everybody.