‘Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance’ – Coco Chanel.

Minimalism is a simple, yet powerful aesthetic, that has conquered the fashion space since the early 20th century with quiet confidence. A derivative of the post-modern era in fashion and design - ‘minimalism’ soothes the eye with a vision of crisp sparseness and subtle balance; while maintaining the punch of new-age clarity. This subculture offers a blank canvas for designers – with many utilizing it to rejuvenate their creativity and innovate clever designs that look simple on the surface, but are packed with complex references and concepts. Heavily entrenched in androgynous influences, this sharp aesthetic works wonders for both – men and women; with inter-changeable and flexible separates reflecting on themes of equality, and lending a voice to experiments in symmetry. Too often, minimalism - especially in fashion – is underestimated for its potential to be eye-catching or visually imaginative. However, in reality, understanding minimalist fashion creates the pathway to a classic sense of contemporary style - one that is frill-free, easily adaptable and liberating in its sheer practicality. Read on, as we dive into the details of minimalism in fashion for insights on ways to carefully curate an uber-chic, minimalist wardrobe.

Effortless Neutrals & Monochromatic Colour Schemes

Soothing and tonal, the colour palettes in minimalist wardrobes are all about grey-scales, monochromes, earthy-hues, pastels, beiges, camels and neutrals. Offering a creative voice and a black canvas to define form and exude luxury – black, white and beiges are the main staples in a minimalist wardrobe; with earthy hues like camel, shades of grey and soft pastels included as accents. Styling Cue: New-age minimalism is also about subtle self-expression. Instead of opting for the usual mix, a striking monochromatic outfit can be worn in an unconventional colour like lavender or a soft yellow. The minimalist appeal can be achieved with the silhouette and the single-colour appeal of the overall look.

Timeless And Form-Defining Silhouettes

Minimalist silhouettes are designed to be flexible separates that create multiple styling options and layering opportunities, maximising the potential of a de-cluttered wardrobe. ‘Form and fabric’ come together to create a lasting impact. Power-dressing with sharp shoulders, crisp lines, innovative shapes and deconstructed silhouettes take on a utility-oriented and sleek avatar with a minimalist approach. Less is always more, with this subculture. Styling Cue: Taking inspiration from French wardrobe basics – the foundation for a flexible minimalist wardrobe can be created with a trench coat, white or oxford-blue shirts, a sharp black blazer, a smoking vest or jacket and crisp pair of slim-fit trousers. Women can also invest in a dress with a sleek pencil or straight fit, or a sculptural experiment à la Yohji Yamamoto or Rei Kawakubo.

Luxe Textures And High-End Materials

Minimalist design is all about the materials, fabrics and textures. Elegant textures, wools, cashmeres, twills, cottons, silks, new-age fabrics like Lyocell and Tencel are staples for garments, with simple leather/faux-leather used for the accessories. While the shape and the design-elements are kept uncluttered and simple, the materials and fabrics are often the focus – and the make-or-break factor in a minimalist look. Styling cue: High-quality and breathable fabrics juxtaposed with luxe materials like leather elevate a minimalist look and give a classy, timeless appeal.

Accessorize To Impress

A minimalist look is never complete without the right accessories. In-keeping with the ‘less is more’ approach, a sharp messenger bag or a versatile tote in a neutral or camel hue does the trick. Shoes must be in a clean and classic shape, be it a pair of oxford-shoes or block heels. Men can opt for sleek belts with simple and subtle buckles and classic closed-toe shoes that are versatile enough to go with everything else. Styling cue: Dressing as a minimalist involves aligning your thoughts and subsequent choices with its emotion and philosophy as a lifestyle. The re-usability and versatility of any accessory in day-to-day life is an important consideration that outlines the method of this theme. Stylish and graceful, a minimalist style exudes an undeniable sense of self-assurance and orderly wisdom. A true-blue minimalist wardrobe is filled with versatile separates and accessories that work wonderfully together – adding economic viability and high quality across the board. Never overwhelming the beauty of the wearer, minimalist fashion is transformative and looks effortless – expressing complexity with ease and simplicity. Shop the minimalist collection here Explore a new shopping experience here    

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