The It trend of the season, tonal dressing, is a style technique that allows you to dress up head to toe hues of the same colour. It's all about playing with different shades, textures, fabrics and prints to put together an effortlessly chic and stylish look. To get you started, we've got you the style scoop from celebrity stylist - Divyak D'souza, who will give you all the tips you need to make a statement in a tonal outfit this wedding season. From seeking out the perfect variations of a hue to getting your accessories right, here's all you need to know about this popular trend:

1.What Do You Think Is The Most Important Thing To Keep In Mind To Get Your Ethnic Tonal Dressing Right?

For festive wear, if you’re working with a singular colour in your outfit, it’s important to play with different hues. If you’re looking at wearing red or maroon, one layer could be a scarlet red while the other layer can be a deep, saturated spiced vermilion red. Also, always try to break up the outfit where at least one of your layers has some kind of a print. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a bold print, it can be a subtle self-print or a simple texture. The clash of textures along with a flow of different hues with an addition of print is what will make your tonal outfit look interesting and not monotonous.  

2. For Someone Who’s Trying Out The Trend For The First Time, What Shades Or Textures Would You Recommend?

I’m a huge fan of white, ecru and ivory. They are timeless, beautiful, fresh and look ethereal in any kind of fabric. For a summer wedding - cottons, linens and mulmuls work great while when you’re moving into winter, you incline more towards silk and wool. This entire palette looks stunning no matter the season. While Indian festive wear requires some kind of embellishment or embroidery, this neutral palette is easy to work with especially in terms of jewellery. You can pair these hues with diamond, silver, gold and gemstone jewellery for a regal look.

3.What Are The Top Three Accessories For An Indian Tonal Dressing Look?

A great pair of shoes is an absolute must-have! Shoes can either make or break your outfit especially with Indian wear. For men, a nice pair of classic earthy sandals work with most Indian outfits whereas for women, a stylish pastel or champagne coloured pair of juttis is a versatile choice. Also, the right pair of Indian earrings – jhumkis and chandbalis - can make all the difference. Pick one that works for your face and your outfits. A beautiful statement dupatta can work wonders. Choose one with a traditional craft or intricate weave on it. It can dress up even a simple kurta and salwar look. For men, a nice vintage looking watch with a leather strap will work with most of your outfits. Also, a nice shawl can make your outfit look timeless and classic.

4. What Do You Think Are The Trendiest Colours For This Wedding Season?

Typically when people think of the winter festive season, most assume that darker colours are a go-to for every occasion. They undoubtedly look great, but what I’m noticing a lot from most brand collections is a pastel craze. Not too many people explore the pastel palette for the wedding season but I think they’re super versatile. Firstly, they’re neutrals and therefore work well for most occasions especially for functions like mehendi and sangeet. For reception, a gorgeous pastel silk saree is sure to make you look amazing!

5. An All Time Favourite Tonal Dressing Look?

All-white always looks great. I love how Saif Ali Khan dresses up when he’s off-duty. A simple cotton kurta and pyjama with a pair of luxe leather brogues. It looks regal and at the same time – earthy and relaxed. It works great for men and women. Also, pairing muted colours and pastels together work amazingly well. To dress it up, women can opt for a statement dupatta while men can layer on a statement jacket for an elevated look.  

6. What Are Your Tips On Making Indian Tonal Dressing Interesting And Not Boring?

If you’re opting for a tonal look, choose jewellery that is in a contrasting colour. For example, if your outfit is red, emerald jewellery would work really well. Pair your blue outfit with yellow gemstones, a classic combination. The entire idea of colour-blocking will work really well while choosing your jewellery for your tonal outfits. The embroidery and textures on your outfit can make all the difference too. So, pay attention to the detailing. To elevate your outfit further, a draped dupatta or a statement jacket in the same shade can make for a stylish look. And most importantly, never underestimate the power of a bold lipstick, glamourous eye makeup and statement metallic heels.

7. What are your ideal picks for a casual tonal outfit?

I really love the functionality of the colour grey. Whenever I invest in a piece that’s grey, whether it’s a blazer or a pair of trousers, it usually works with any other colour. For a casual look, I would probably choose different shades of grey. For example - a relaxed jersey, a fitted grey T-shirt tucked into grey woollen trousers, a simple pair of black lace-up shoes, a black leather strap watch, sunglasses, a cool leather satchel bag. It’s functional and stylish as well.        

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