With over 15 years of experience in Pilates, yoga, personal training, and nutrition under her belt, Radhika Karle (proprietor of Mumbai-based fitness studio, Balanced Body) is one of the most sought-after fitness and wellness trainers in the country. Her roster of clients like Sonam Kapoor, Nargis Fakhri, Kirthiga Reddy, Tanya Ghavri and Rhea Kapoor is testimony. We track her typical power-packed day and come back armed with some handy fitness tips in the process!  

radhika karle with huma qureshi

5:15 am: I am an ‘early to bed, early to rise’ gal. I start my day with two glasses of water, which has been resting in a copper pot overnight. I then have a wheat grass shot—a great antioxidant that keeps your skin bright and clear. I also have one cup of papaya, another great antioxidant, filled with vitamin C. 5:30 am: I start my morning Pilates practice. Pilates strengthens your core, develops lean muscles and increases flexibility. There is also a serious mind-body connection in Pilates, so it helps me focus and concentrate better throughout my busy day. Bridging, roll ups and spinal rotations are the three essential Pilates mat moves that are always a part of my morning routine. 8 am: I like to start my day with a good breakfast. This usually comprises two egg whites with one yellow (it's packed with  good nutrients) with one slice of multigrain toast and one cup of ginger tea in low fat, organic milk, which I have without sugar. 9:30 am: I head out of my studio to train Vidhu Vinod Chopra. His physiotherapist recommended he start Pilates and he has taken a serious liking to it and trains every morning. 11 am: This is the time I usually train Sonam Kapoor. Her current fitness goal is to gain muscle mass and tone up, so her workout includes plenty of functional training along with Pilates on the Reformer (a type of Pilates exercise equipment). We aim at a 45-minute session three times a week.  

radhika karle training sonam kapoor

1 pm: Lunch with my family. Since we all stay so busy during the day, we catch up only at lunch where we discuss the latest trends, travel plans, and the next day’s schedule. My mother’s kitchen churns out the most amazing smoked paneer steak (made from low fat milk), quinoa salad with roasted vegetables, and chicken noodle soup. I hope to work on a cookbook someday where I can share these recipes. 3 pm: I spend the entire afternoon in my studio doing personalized Pilates sessions. I work on developing very specialized sessions that take into account my clients’ goals, needs, and any muscle imbalances or weaknesses they have. 5 pm: This is ‘my’ time. I spend this hour training myself. I am currently focusing on perfecting my advanced Reformer repertoire and having fun on the Trapeze (another kind of Pilates exercise equipment)

radhika karle exercising

6pm: Back to personalised sessions. This time I work with Rhea Kapoor. Rhea always ran in the opposite direction when she saw me coming to train her sister, Sonam. But now she has started Pilates to develop her core strength and flexibility. I can’t say she loves it, as she insists on having a special playlist to “get through” the session! However, she has seen the difference it has made to the way her body moves now. 7 pm: I eat my dinner before sunset. This is usually rice, dal, sabji, and some protein – fish, chicken, and once in a while, some mutton. 10pm: I cannot keep my eyes open past this hour. As I tell all my clients—sleep, nutrition, and exercise (in that order!) are most important to see results. I need my eight hours of sound sleep, so that I can wake up fresh and energetic to take on another awesome day!


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