The world is full of killjoys that will dissuade you against bold choices. Whoever decided only tall girls can rock a high-slit dress or women with wide feet must only pick a certain flattering type of shoe. Going by the rulebook will only put you in the box. Explore your choices instead and rebel against the social norm. Make your own fashion rules and wear things that will truly make you happy. And when you do that share those moments with us, because this Women’s Day, we’re all about #WhateverCLiQsForYou.

We will share your bold gesture with everyone so that they are inspired to wear whatever CLiQs for them like it did for you. In turn, you stand a chance of winning Veet Trimmers.

dare to cliq contest

Our Dare to CLiQ contest is Live on Facebook and Twitter right now. All you have to do is, comment on our contest announcement post by sharing a moment (as an image or text) you decided to be fashionably bold despite being discouraged by people. Let your post inspire others too and win you a Veet Trimmer in the bargain.

We’ve already seen contestants daring to CLiQ photos of clothes they chose to wear because it mattered to them, and them only.

Pallabi Guha says, “I chose to wear this striped palazzo even after being called as a thief who ran away from the jail because it CLIQed for me.”


Rishitha Raj says, “I decided to wear this sheer see through top and decided to flaunt my sexy back though I got a big no frm mummy dear. Life s short so wear what u love n live the life u want and flaunt yourself . Yes I m funny and am crazy but tats me !  If u hv any problem with me and my style sry tats ur problem not mine.”


Shilpi Mishra says, “Wore this thigh slit dress…even hubby said what’s people around gonna think…dont wear.but I wore and flaunted my smooth legs 😉because #WhateverCLiQsForYou one should do n wear.”


Sweetha says, “I choose to wear this DARING BACK open salwar for my friends Roka . Though it was a daring bold step I still loved the way how the whole look looked on me . SENSOUS yet CLASSY . Though many aunties keept looking at me in a weired look staring at my back knot . But It’s my life and yes I will dress the way I love and wud flaunt my curves . Dress to ur fullest cuz life s just once so enjoy and dress to kill and impress 😍❤️.”


Nishtha Rastogi says, “Since a teenager,I was a chubby girl who need to hide her oddles if fat between thick layers of clothing and it was always a matter of shame for me…But one day my mom made me realise that I am doing harm to myself by hating or body shaming my own body, so in ordrr to make me confident about me and my clothes,she did a photo shoot with me to show that how cool and beautiful I can look in these shorts, dresses..From then I decided to give a damn to all those people who speaks anything and guyzzx you really need to change your opinion and give me and every bubbly – chubby girl now a Break in whose mind people like you create a fuss that she starts disliking her own body.”

Like them you too can share your #WhateverCLiQsForYou moment with us here.

Winners will be announced on 8th March 2017, so get CLiQing already!

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Cover Image via Facebook/Shilpi Mishra